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Product details - Aquablu Refill

The Aquablu Refill is an all-in-one water solution designed for businesses.

The Aquablu Refill is purchased using a monthly subscription that covers installation & service or it can be bought. Please click here to fill in a quick form, so we can send you a personalized quote!

The only thing that we need is electricity and a water supply for our system to work. Oh yea, drainage is preferred, but not a must.
The power needed is 230VAC~50Hz
We typically recommend one Refill machine for every 100 employees.

The choice is your, from chilled (4°C) to ambient (20°C)

The Aquablu Refill is a smart system, meaning it monitors the filters & CO2 lifetime and will let you or one of our service partners know when the filters needs to be changed. Making sure the system always remains up to date. The 10.1-inch screen will also display the filter’s lifetime.

We use 6x advanced purification steps to transform your tapwater into delicious mineral water. While improving the water with trace elements of essential minerals along the way. Ranging from activated & coconut carbon filters, membrane technology and mineral cartridges.

The system can be placed wherever you want. The only thing that we need is electricity and a water supply for our system to work. Oh yea, drainage is preferred, but not a must.
Yes, it comes with an Aquablu stand (in white, black or custom when ordered in larger quantities)
Compared to water barrels and bottled water, Aquablu is better for the environment. We don’t use plastic bottles or barrels and we don’t cause extra pollution by continuous transport for the supply of refills. Nice detail: for every glass or bottle that is dispensed, you can immediately see the impact on the environment on the display.
We have a 1-year warranty period when our system is bought, when leased this warranty period is extended.
All our systems are designed, produced & manufactured in The Netherlands.
We use extensive monitoring technology that continuously monitors and checks the performance of the filter and the quality of the water. To ensure that only the best quality water is dispensed.
Thanks to the extensive purification all harmful contaminants like bacteria & viruses are removed from your tap water.

All system are equipped with UV technology at the dispensing nozzle, making sure no bacteria growth or other contaminants can get into the system.

The Aquablu takes care of the internal cleaning itself, only once a year our service partners will swing by to take care of an extensive internal & external cleaning procedure.

Our system takes care of internal cleaning by itself. Only once a year an internal cleaning procedure needs to carried out by a certified service partner. External cleaning needs to be done regularly to avoid dust and other particles on the system. 

We have different options in the stand, however the dispenser we current have 1 model available. We do have different models for households.

We do have limited amount of trial periods available, which are absolutely free of charge. If interested in a trial placement, please click here to fill in a quick form. 


Aquablu’s unique 6 stages filtration technology ensures tap water is free of contaminants and balanced with the right mineral composition. Result? Mineral-rich drinking healthy & delicious drinking water.

A water cooler fixed to your water supply is definitely cheaper, however, you dont get all the perks and definitely not the same result. Just as the name water cooler suggests, it only cools the tapwater. It does not filter, mineralise & add sparkling to the water.

Although Aquablu water contains a similar mineral content to common mineral waters, Aquablu water is dispensed directly. This ensures the water cannot be contaminated by its packaging. Research indicates that water from plastic bottles commonly contain microplastics.

Our Aquablu filters remove all the possible contaminants that may be present in the water thanks to our 6 stages of advanced filtration. After filtration, we use a natural mineralisation cartridge to add back all essential minerals like calcium to ensure the water is balanced and rich in essential minerals.

The tap water quality varies for each location which can have negative effects on taste and/or even your health. Our nature-inspired filters transform tap water into water from a crisp mountain top spring, while removing contaminants that could potentially be present. Furthermore, essential trace minerals are added, so that our users are always drinking the best water available.

We use nature’s resources to enhance the water with minerals, rather than ph-raising chemicals commonly used in the water industry. When water flows through our mineral stones it picks up trace elements, similar to the process in which mountain water flows through rocks.

Alkaline water is considered to be drinking water of the utmost quality. The “alkaline’ in alkaline water refers to its pH level. This is a number to measure how acidic or alkaline a substance is on a scale from 0-14. Alkaline water has a higher pH level than regular drinking water. With a Ph of 8 or higher, Alkaline water contains the essential minerals has shown to have many benefits like anti-ageing, weight loss, detoxifying & good for the immunity. 

To turn your regular tap water into pure alkaline water you can easily install an Aquablu system. This ensures a pH level of 8 or higher to balance the pH value in your body. 


Aquablu or one of our certified partners will take care of the installation and service of the machine.

Before our system can be installed at your location, water, electricity & drainage needs to be present. For drainage, we can install an additional pump so the water can be transported to a drainage point at a location nearby. The plumbing work if water or drainage is not present needs to be carried out by one of our certified plumbing partners or by yourself before installation can be carried out.

We have a service network covering the entire Netherlands.

Most cleaning is done by the system automatically. Only once a year does one of our service partners will come by to perform an extensive internal & external cleaning procedure.

We have different service packages to choose from. In our all-in service package, we will take care of everything, from installation to maintenance visits. Our customer success team is always available to answer any support calls.

Thanks to the connectivity of the system, not only the user will be notified when filters need to be replaced or maintenance is needed but also our service partners will be informed remotely. Depending on the service contact you signed, the maintenance is included or invoices separately when performed by our partners.


Further Questions?

If you have any questions, not listed in our F.A.Q., please don’t hesitate to contact us.