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plastic bottles by 2030?

How are we planning to do this?

It’s an ambitious goal, but one we’re confident we can achieve. The Aquablu REFILL+ is already saving millions of plastic bottles in companies and hotels across Europe, and we’re just getting started on our journey into the new wave in water.

But let’s take a step back and explain: what is the REFILL+

The REFILL+ is a smart water dispenser that provides functional flavored water without the unnecessary packaging. It takes water from the tap, purifies it, and enriches it with flavors, vitamins and electrolytes. Then it dispenses your drink – right there on the spot. 

Not only does the REFILL+ encourage people to drink more water, which we all know is healthier than sugary soft drinks you’ll find bottled in supermarkets. It also encourages the use of refillable bottles and glassware, which are far better for the planet. 
flavored water dispenser for hotels


Heineken is the number one brewery in Europe. They brew the highest quality beers, build globally loved brands, and employs over 85 000 people worldwide.

By setting up the REFILL+ in Heineken’s Amsterdam office hubs this year, together we will have saved an enormous 1.5 million plastic bottles by 2030.

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Royal Schiphol Group owns and operates the some of the most high quality and sustainable airports in the world. It is the business behind Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, Rotterdam The Hague Airport, and Lelystad Airport, and has a majority interest in Eindhoven Airport.

By bringing the REFILL+ into Schiphol’s offices, we will save 500 000 plastic bottles together by 2030.

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Adyen is an Amsterdam-founded financial services company that’s changing the game for businesses with its single global payment platform.

By introducing the REFILL+ into Adyen’s Rokin HQ, we will have saved 1.2 million plastic bottles before 2030.

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The impact we're making with our clients

A lot of companies are already using the REFILL+ throughout Europe. Which is why we’ve chosen to highlight 3 of our biggest impact-makers – Heineken, Schiphol, Adyen – to show how much they’re contributing to our 2030 ambition by installing the REFILL+ in their offices.

However, we noticed that these companies have more in common than only a desire to remove plastic waste from their office buildings. They’re all based in iconic spaces, well-known to Amsterdammers and those further afield. So we wanted to put them in the spotlight and illustrate the noticeable shift that’s going on behind closed doors in these well-known buildings, and what it means in real numbers for the environment.

Sustainability reporting

With Aquablu, when you set up your REFILL+ you’ll also receive sustainability (ESG) reporting on a regular basis, personalized to your company and consumption habits. That way you can dive into your stats and get everyone behind a common goal. Because this data is already available, we can show you how much you could save when you introduce the REFILL+ to your business.

How many bottles will your business save by 2030?

Curious to know how much plastic the REFILL+ could save for your business? Our specialists can talk you through the numbers and help you make a business case. 

Come and join the new wave in water.

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Ready for the wave?