Sell water, not plastic bottles

The Aquablu Refill the all-in-one hydration station for retail. Contributing to a better planet, while hydrating your customers with the best water available.

Enhance your in-store experience

Let your customers refill their own bottle with sparkling and chilled water, paid or free of charge. Additional Aquablu bottles are available to sell as a complementary product.

Better Experience

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Better Experience

Research shows nearly 6 in 10 consumers (57 percent) are willing to change their purchasing habits to help reduce negative impact on the environment.

Zero Waste

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Zero Waste

The Aquablu Refill constantly monitors your Co2 reduction, showing your company is serious about its sustainability goals.

More Profit

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More Profit

A liter of bottled water is easily 400% more expensive than a liter of Aquablu water. Good for the planet, and for your wallet.

Save Storage

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Save Storage

While you contribute to healthier oceans, switching from bottled water to Aquablu will save precious time and storage space. Getting two giggles with one tickle.

Seriously good water - Seriously good water - Seriously good water

Seriously sustainable - Seriously sustainable - Seriously sustainable

White label

Completely customised to your brand.

Worry free service & support

Automatic service and off-site support.

Easily pay per refill

With smart payment solutions.

Track your impact

Real life insights & official yearly certificates.

Exclusive bottles

Our own Aquablu On The go bottles.

Aquablu Payment System

Aquablu bottle

Aquablu stand

And further personalise your experience

With Aquablu payment systems, Aquablu stand and On The Go bottles.

Working towards a cleaner future together

Curious what we can do for you?

Download the brochure and get to know all the in and outs. From instalment, to testimonials and steps to get you started.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Still left with questions? Check out our F.A.Q’s, or our extensive helpdesk.

The only thing that we need is electricity and a water supply for our system to work. Oh yea, drainage is preferred, but not a must.

Our systems are placed at several retail locations throughout The netherlands. Check the store locator for more information.

Yes, it can come with an Aquablu stand (in white and black) or placed as a stand-alone system.