Transform the way you drink

Meet the flavored water dispenser

Personalize your drink with added vitamins and minerals to give your day a boost.

Why recycle, if you can refill?

Flavored vitamin water

Stay hydrated while giving your health a boost.

Meet the Aquablu REFILL+. The eco-friendly water dispenser that provides purified, cooled, and sparkling water combined with multiple flavor and vitamin options – all without the packaging.

Let's drown in vitamins,
not plastic

More than water

Experience the first eco-friendly water tap that provides filtered water that fits your need-state.

Harmful microplastics and contaminations are being filtered, while valuable vitamins and minerals are added.

flavored water dispenser for hotels

4 flavors, 39 options

Combine sparkling, still, cooled, & flavored vitamin water

Fresh lemon

IMMUNITY is specifically designed to provide a refreshing boost. 


Mango Guava

UNWIND is specifically designed to give you a relaxing moment.


Red fruits

FOCUS is specifically designed to boost your concentration.



Raspberry & Pomegranate

BALANCE is specifically designed to boost your inner balance.


zero sugar

Only vitamins

We provide the best of both worlds: healthy and tasty flavored water. Essential vitamins and minerals are added while harmful components are filtered out.

Start your Monday with our lemony IMMUNITY or create a spot-on presentation with FOCUS. Choose the drink based on your need-state.

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Ready for some vitamin water in your office or retail location? 

Choose between stand alone furniture or install one in your existing pantry. 

The Aquablu vitamin water tap for offices and commercial locations is now available for lease and purchase.


Healthy and happy

Convert your coffee corner into a vitamin waterbar and make sure your employees or customers are happy and healthy. 

Did you know? People who drink more water in the office are happier and 12% more productive.

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No, all our drinks are zero-sugar. 

The flavored water from the Aquablu REFILL+ is very healthy and contains valuable minerals and vitamins. No extra sugars are added in the process. 

The flavor module of the Aquablu water dispenser can be compared to vitamin water, but from a tap. Bottled vitamin water is a drink that can be bought in retail locations and is sold in plastic bottles – something we strongly want to avoid with our water systems. Our ‘vitamin water’ comes straight from the tap.

The water from the Aquablu REFILL+ is not like Waterdrop or Air up.

Air up uses normal water that uses certain smells. Because of these smells, people experience a certain flavor in water. No actual flavors are vitamins are added, unlike the water from our water dispensers.

Waterdrop are small cubes that contain vitamins and flavors that you can add to your water to add flavor. Our system filters tap water first and then adds vitamins and minerals together with the flavor.

Only FOCUS, flavored with Red Fruits, contains caffeine.

FOCUS contains 25 mg caffeine per 100 ml. Note that this is still very limited: you can drink 4 glasses of 250 ml while you’re pregnant, for instance, considering you do not drink additional coffee.

For now, there are four different flavors: Red Fruits FOCUS, Lemon IMMUNITY, Raspberry Pomegranate BALANCE, and Mango Guava UNWIND. But our team is developing more flavors. Missing a flavor? Let us know! 

The four flavors each have their own vitamin and mineral combination. Check the benefits and ingredients of the vitamin water above for the four flavors.

The water dispenser also purifies and filters the water, making sure all the harmful ingredients like microplastics are filtered out of the water. 

Yes, it can boost your health and immune system when you drink the four healthy vitamin flavors that we offer frequently. Drinking it everyday with normal consumption should cause no trouble.

However, please note that excessive intake would not be advised, as is also the case with regular water.

The Red Fruits FOCUS contains a healthy dose of caffeine (similar to a small cup of coffee), and it is recommended not to exceed 6 – 8 glasses a day and to be careful when pregnant. 

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