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The water cooler reinvented

Ready for cooled and filtered water that gives you instant refreshment and extra vitamins? Choose between 39 personalized tasty and healthy drinks with our new tap water cooler.

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Crisp, chilled water

The water coolers from Aquablu deliver chilled water that is good for health and vitality. Additional vitamins and minerals are added and harmful ingredients are filtered, providing the perfect refreshing cold drink. 

Combine cooled water with sparkling and flavored vitamin water for a complete personalized experience.


Cooled water straight from your tap. No tricky installation or dependency on water deliveries. Only an unlimited supply of fresh and filtered water with to our innovative waterfilter system.

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more than water

The people & eco-friendly water cooler

A staggering 87% of the employees would like their current employer to offer healthier workspace benefits

Show your company is serious about sustainability and vitality and offer healthy drinks – without the packaging. 

The intuitive dispenser on the water cooler shows how much plastic bottles your company has saved and gives insights on the vitamins and minerals you receive. 

Your new 'chill' office

Enhance your office with our office watercooler and provide clients and employees with purified cooled water with or without bubbles.   

Other perks of the Aquablu Refill: 

Zero sugar

Only vitamins

Want to upgrade your cold drinks? Try our flavor options to add vital vitamins and minerals while making drinking water fun again. 

Rates & contracts

The Aquablu water cooler is available for purchase or lease. Choose the service contract that fits your company.

Complete your set

Choose the accessories that you need for your water cooler. Add a payment module, glasses or even personal branding.

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“The biggest perk is the unlimited healthy chilled water. It can be very warm in our office and in the Tikibad, so having cooled water dispenser is now a necessity to stay hydrated. We use the water dispenser a lot.” 

Aquablu refill met stand

A water cooler in your office?

Ready for some fresh in your office or retail location? 

Choose between a stand alone furniture or install one in your existing pantry. 

The Aquablu water cooler for offices and commercial locations is now available for lease and purchase.

A new level of comfort

Have an unlimited supply of fresh cooled water with the Aquablu Refill. A water dispenser that esthetically improves every room, while giving access to filtered water that fits your needs. 

“I would recommend the Aquablu Refill. The water dispenser is a big upgrade compared to our previous water solution: a water tank. Now, we are not dependent on suppliers anymore and we have unlimited access to filtered, tasty and soft water. “


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The Refill dispenser dimensions are 250 x 18 x 63 (mm). For a standard stand, the dimensions are 900x640x1900 (mm), however, if you create a custom stand the dimensions can vary. 

Aquablu offers various options for in-store branding. The display is customizable and easily adaptable, so you can, for example, easily respond to promotions. The Aquablu bottles can be developed in your corporate identity. And if you choose to place the Aquablu on a piece of furniture, we can deliver the furniture in your corporate identity.

You can offer Aquablu water as a service for free, or for a fee. This is up to you. We can add a payment module to the water cooler. This way, the water cooler is a smart investment. For a lot of our customers it is profitable.

We offer the best customer service to make it easy and care-free for you. Relief is at the heart of our business. Thanks to smart technology, the water tap communicates when the filters or CO2 are running low so you always receive the filters on time. Malfunction? Our service partners will come directly to fix the malfunction.

The Aquablu Refill can be installed in many different location within the office. Ranging from kitchens, break rooms, reception and more. All that is required for installation is:

  • Electricity
  • A water source nearby the Aquablu Refill system
  • Wifi or 4G connection

For more information on install requirements contact us here.

The Aquablu water dispenser allows employees to enjoy delicious drinks while reducing plastic waste. With every tap, you not only save plastic waste and CO2, but for every liter of water that is tapped, we also donate 1 liter to developing countries. Every year, each company receives a personalized overview of the impact made through the Aquablu Refill system. 

Our water dispensers for offices and retail cools water directly at the push of a button. The water cooler is installed on your regular water tap connection. This way, you can enjoy an endless amount of extra healthy, filtered, and cooled water directly from your tap.

Yes, since our model is very elegant and small, the water cooler is a table model.

We have two options: 

  1. Built-in. We built it in your existing pantry or office kitchen.
  2. Table top with our custom build furniture. Available in dark and light mode. 

Yes, the Aquablu water cooler is connected to tap water. This means that you always have an unlimited amount of cooled and fresh water and you are not dependent on water deliveries. 

The office water cooler is available for purchase and lease and is starting at 106 euro a month. Here, you can find more about the different price options and service contracts. 

In some cases, the Aquablu water cooler can be less expensive than other water options. Because the Aquablu dispenser is connected to the tap water, you do not have costs for water transportation and cut down on (plastic) waste. 

There are multiple reasons for organizations to purchase a water cooler: 

  • It shows the company values sustainability. 
  • It increases the vitality of the users. 
  • It cuts down the plastic waste. 
  • It can be cost-saving. 

Want to compare the Aquablu water cooler for offices with the other water/ drink options? Check this blog where we discuss all the water options. 

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