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The new watercooler

Ready for cooled filtered water that chills you in precisely the right way? 

Crispy chilled water at the push of a button​

The water dispensers from Aquablu deliver crispy chilled water. 

Combine cooled water with sparkling and flavored water for a complete personalized experience.

Tap watercooler, waterdispenser and filter in one

Cooled water straight from your tap. No tricky installation. Only an unlimited supply of fresh and filtered water due to our innovative waterfilter system.

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Your new 'chill' office

Enhance your office with our office watercooler and provide clients and employees with the best water available, while showing your company is serious about sustainability. 

Cut out any plastics and cans with the water dispenser. No more plastics in the office. Ever. 

Other perks of the Aquablu Refill: 

Zero sugar

Only vitamins

Looking for something extra? Try our flavor options to add vital vitamins and minerals.

“The biggest perk is the unlimited healthy chilled water. It can be very warm in our office and in the Tikibad, so having cooled water is a neccesity to stay hydrated. We use the water dispenser a lot.” 

The cooled water bar in your office?

Want unlimited chilled water in your office? Go for our built-in model or our stand alone with matching furniture. Request a non-binding quote.

The watertank 2.0

Have an unlimited supply of fresh cooled water with the Aquablu Refill. A water dispenser that esthetically improves every room, while giving access to filtered water that fits your needs. 

“I would recommend the Aquablu Refill. The water dispenser is a big upgrade compared to our previous water solution: a watertank. Now, we are not dependent on suppliers anymore and we have unlimited access to filtered, tasty and soft water. “