A smart dispenser, designed for convenience

The Aquablu Refill is an all-in-one water solution designed for businesses.

Think outside the bottle

The only thing you need is water, electricity and drainage; we will cover the rest.


Inspired by nature, Aquablu reproduces the natural water cycle


Removing solid impurities & chemicals (eg. rust dirt, chlorine)

Smart Purification

Supreme Osmosis™ Membrane purification (eg. heavy metals, viruses, bacteria & pharmaceuticals)

Natural Mineralisation

Natural enhancement of trace minerals (eg. Calcium, Magnesium)

Still, sparkling or at Room temp

Personalize your purified water the way you like best.

Worry Free usage

The Aquablu Refill real-time monitors the quality of your water, the lifetime of your replacements and system performance. Using 4G connectivity, you receive automatic updates on upcoming replacements.

Save money, or make money

The Aquablu Refill can be installed with a range of extensions and accessories- from payment systems to design water bottles.

Serious about sustainability

While your business is saving plastic and CO2, the system also counts how many liters of safe drinking water you have created for developing countries. Share this info with clients and employees to show your business is serious about its sustainability goals.

As flexible as water can be

The Aquablu Refill can be installed in your existing kitchen or with our design stand.

Those that went before you

Trusted by pioneering companies from all industries.

Why choose Aquablu?

State-of-the-art technology

State of the art technology designed and manufactured in the Netherlands.

Healthy & Delicious

Purified water with added trace minerals for optimal health and fresh taste.

Planet Friendly

Together we will fight against plastic (disposable) bottles.

For Office
For Retail

Frequently Asked Questions

Still left with questions? Check out our F.A.Q’s, or our extensive helpdesk.

The Aquablu Refill is purchased using a monthly subscription which covers installation & service. Please go to our pricing page and fill in a quick form, so we can send you a personalized quote!
Usually the machine is installed within a month after the contract is signed
We work together with the well known company MAAS, who takes care of the installation and service of the machine at your location within the Netherlands.
The system can be placed wherever you want. The only thing that we need is electricity and a water supply for our system to work. Oh yea, drainage is preferred, but not a must.