Sustainable hydration

The flavored water dispenser for hotels

Delight your guests with flavored water with added flavors, minerals, and vitamins. Remove unnecessary plastic waste from your hotel. 

The water tap reinvented

Enjoy filtered and flavored water without packaging. Experience water on the work floor that boosts your day with extra vitamins.  

flavored water dispenser for hotels
Planet Friendly

The plastic-free solution

76% of travellers would be more likely to book a hotel certified as green.

Join the no-plastic revolution and choose REFILL+, the flavored water dispenser for hotels and start reaching your sustainability goals. Offering 39 possible water combinations, infused with flavors, vitamins, and minerals, with a choice of still, sparkling, and chilled.

Functional Drinks

Personalised to each guest

Step 1

Select your preferred type of water – still, sparkling, or chilled?

Step 2

Pick from 4 fruit flavors, each with different health benefits 

Step 3

Select your preferred flavor strength level, from 1 to 3

Step 4

Pour and enjoy your functional drink in a refillable bottle

mango guava flavored water for water dispenser for hotels
health and wellness

Smart hydration

More and more, holidaymakers are opting to travel in ways that support their health and wellness goals. The REFILL+ supports immunity and helps fitness recovery, giving your guests the best possible experience.




“The number of different drinks options available really set the REFILL+ apart from the competition.”

Flavored water for flavored water tap for hotels

Self service, grab-and-go


Aquablu’s flavored water tap allows hotel guests to to quickly grab or purchase a healthy refreshment. 

No need for guests to make a trip to the supermarket when they have everything they need right there in the hotel. Plus, with self-service enabled, you save on staffing costs.

Effortless installation

Choosing the REFILL+ makes life easy. We handle it all: from initial setup, to ongoing service and upkeep.

Our agreements come with bi-annual cleanings, routine performance assessments, reminders for restocking, and additional services.

Just ensure your location meets the setup criteria.

Additional items

Choose from a range of add-ons to complete your water bar

Complete set aquablu refill dispenser inclusief betaalsysteem

Get started in 4 steps

Step 1

Contact us with details on the forecasted number of users and location of your hotel

Step 2

Select your the add-ons you need. From custom-made furniture, to glassware, and more.

Step 3

We’ll take care of the installation and ensure everything is perfectly in place for you

Step 4

Congratulations! You’re all set. Your guests can start enjoying the REFILL+ in no time

Aquablu refill met stand

Install the REFILL+ at your hotel

Opt for a standalone unit, or integrate the flavored water dispenser into your current pantry setup.

The Aquablu REFILL+ smart water dispenser for hotels is now available for lease and purchase.

Eco friendly

Limit the need for extra storage and decrease your carbon emissions by eradicating plastic bottles.

Nutritious and flavorful

A cutting-edge flavored water dispenser, serves drinks enriched with essential minerals and vitamins.

Easy maintanance

Automatic reminders, remote support and regular service visits mean a worry-free service for years to come.

More information

Can’t find your answer? 
Contact us – we’re happy to help!

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The REFILL and REFILL+ dispenser dimensions are 250x180x630 (mm). For a standard stand, the dimensions are 900x640x1900 (mm), however, if you create a custom stand the dimensions can vary. 

Aquablu offers various options for instore branding. The display is customizable and easily adaptable, so you can, for example, easily respond to promotions. The Aquablu bottles can be developed in your corporate identity. And if you choose to place the Aquablu on a piece of furniture, we can deliver the furniture in your corporate identity.
You can offer Aquablu water as a service for free, or for a fee. If you want, we can supply a device that allows you to charge your visitors for water. Because of the minimal costs you can easily realize a nice margin.

Dutch tap water is among the best in the world and is continuously monitored and improved. However, tap water can attract contaminants during distribution and the fact that it is usually lukewarm or even hot from the tap has a negative impact on the taste. The tap water that is tapped from a faucet is also the place where people usually wash their hands or clean other things. Not the most hygienic place to tap water.

Aquablu is connected directly to the water supply and provides chilled, extra purified water, with and without bubbles. Extra essential minerals are added, making the water even better for your health and vitality. The closed system makes it one of the most hygienic solutions for water.

We offer the best customer service. Relief is at the heart of our business. Thanks to smart technology, the water tap communicates when the filters or CO2 are running low so you always receive the filters on time. Malfunction? Our service partners will come directly to fix the malfunction.

The Aquablu REFILL and REFILL+ can be installed in many different locations within the hotel. Ranging from kitchens, break rooms, reception and more. All that is required for installation is:

  • Electricity
  • A water source nearby the Aquablu REFILL system
  • Wifi or 4G connection

For more information on install requirements contact us here.

The Aquablu water dispenser allows employees to enjoy delicious drinks while reducing plastic waste. With every tap, you save plastic waste and CO2. Every year, each company receives a personalized overview of the impact made through the Aquablu REFILL system. 

Our smart water dispenser turns local tap water into perfectly filtered water with added minerals. Allowing you to get still, sparkling, and flavored water—without the waste.

There are multiple options to choose from depending on your service contract and accessories. Here, you can request a quote for the REFILL and REFILL+.

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