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The water tap reinvented

Join our water revolution and enjoy high quality filtered and flavored water without using packaging. 

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The eco-friendly water tap for offices and retail

Provide your clients and employees with the best water available, while showing your company is serious about sustainability. 

Personalize your water

Mix and match your own favorite drink. Unwind with crazy mango or focus with fresh lemon. Choose between 39 combinations with cooled, sparkled, flavored and normal water.

Zero sugar - lot's of vitamins

Enjoy purified water that increases your vitality and fits your need-state. 

Did you know? People that drink more water in the office are happier and more productive.

Planet friendly

You are saving the planet from plastic packaging while avoiding the hassle of storage and CO2 caused by the transportation of plastic bottles or cans.

Healthy & delicious

Innovative water taps for offices and retail that adds important minerals and vitamins. Show that you are serious about vitality and offering tasty water.

Boost productivity

Research shows that water keeps employees engaged and focused throughout the day, boosting productivity by as much as 14%.

Rates & contracts

Starting from 106 per month, the Aquablu water tap is available for purchase or lease. Choose the service contract that fits your company.


Gerrit Jan Gerritsen

“The filtered water from the Aquablu dispenser is a perfect solution because I don’t like tap water. It is nice to have a good alternative to coffee. Now, I easily drink 2 liter water a day, whereas without the water dispenser I sometimes drank 12 cups of coffee a day. I actually feel better now when I return home from work.”

The services we offer


Seems complicated? Not all all. When you buy an Aquablu system, we arrange everything. From installation to service and maintenance.

Every contract includes half yearly cleaning, performance checks, automatic restocking reminders and more. 

The only thing you need to do is to match the installation requirements.

Complete your set

Want to add a payment module or some glass bottles? Choose the accessories that you need.

Complete set aquablu refill dispenser inclusief betaalsysteem

Your own Aquablu Refill in 4 steps

Step 1

Contact us and let us know many users you expect and where your office is positioned.

Step 2

Choose your product and accessories. For instance with built-in furniture or water glasses.

Step 3

We install everything and make sure you’re completely settled.

Step 4

Congratulations! You and your colleagues can now enjoy healthy filtered water in the office.

A water tap in your office?

Ready to join other pioneers and start a water revolution?
Choose between a stand alone furniture or install one in your existing pantry. 

The Aquablu water tap for offices and commercial locations is now available for lease and purchase.

Our mission: find a solution to reduce single use plastics and cans and safe 1 bilion bottles before 2030

Hello Aquablu Refill

After years of development the Aquablu smart water tap is born.

Advanced purification ensures you always drink the best water available. While essential vitamines and flavores can be added. 

Water dispenser front view

Those that went before you

Trusted by pioneering companies from all industries.

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The Refill dispenser dimensions are 250 x 18 x 63 (mm). For a standard stand, the dimensions are 900x640x1900 (mm), however, if you create a custom stand the dimensions can vary. 

Aquablu offers various options for instore branding. The display is customizable and easily adaptable, so you can, for example, easily respond to promotions. The Aquablu bottles can be developed in your corporate identity. And if you choose to place the Aquablu on a piece of furniture, we can deliver the furniture in your corporate identity.
You can offer Aquablu water as a service for free, or for a fee. If you want, we can supply a device that allows you to charge your visitors for water. Because of the minimal costs you can easily realize a nice margin.

Dutch tap water is among the best drinking water in the world and is continuously monitored and improved. However, tap water can attract contaminants during distribution and the fact that it is usually lukewarm or even hot from the tap has a negative impact on the taste. The tap water that is tapped from a faucet is also the place where people usually wash their hands or clean other things. Not the most hygienic place to tap water.

Aquablu is connected directly to the water supply and provides chilled, extra purified water, with and without bubbles. Extra essential minerals are added, making the water even better for your health and vitality. The closed system makes it one of the most hygienic solutions for water.

We offer the best customer service. Relief is at the heart of our business. Thanks to smart technology, the water tap communicates when the filters or C02 is running low so you always receive the filters on time. Malfunction? Our service partners will come directly to fix the malfunction.

The Aquablu Refill can be installed in many different location within the office. Ranging from kitchens, break rooms, reception and more. All that is required for installation is:

  • Electricity
  • A water source nearby the Aquablu Refill system
  • Wifi or 4G connection

For more information on install requirements contact us here.

The Aquablu water dispenser allows employees to enjoy delicious drinks while reducing plastic waste. With every tap, you not only save plastic waste and CO2, but for every liter of water that is tapped, we also donate 1 liter to developing countries. Every year, each company receives a personalized overview of the impact made through the Aquablu Refill system. 

 Our smart water dispenser turns local tap water into perfectly filtered water with added minerals. Allowing you to get still, sparkling, and flavored water—without the waste.