The new Aquablu Refill, designed for office convenience.

Provide your clients and employees with the best water available, while showing your company is serious about sustainability.

We'll take care of everything. So you can focus on what really matters.

The Aquablu Refill is a smart water dispenser that provides healthy chilled and sparkling water, at the push of a button. A worry-free solution for offices, so you can focus on what matters most.



The Aquablu Refill is a water dispenser that brings healthy chilled and sparkling water, with the push of a button. A worry free office solution.

Boost Productivity

Boost Productivity

Research shows that water keeps employees engaged and focused throughout the day, boosting productivity by as much as 14%.



A liter of bottled water is easily 400% more expensive than a liter of Aquablu water. Good for the planet, and for your wallet.

Save Storage

Save Storage

While you contribute to healthier oceans, switching from bottled water to Aquablu will save precious time and storage space. Getting two giggles with one tickle.

Seriously good water - Seriously good water

Seriously sustainable - Seriously sustainable

Clean desk policy

All the tech, in just one cabinet.

Worry free service & support

Automatic service and off-site support.

Free of charge or pay per refill

Water that’s complementary, or extra.

Track your impact

Real life insights & official yearly certificates.

Exclusive glassware

Aquablu glasses and karafs.

Curious about how much impact you can make with Aquablu Refill?

Already hydrating:

“In the Aquablu Refill, we have found a tailored solution for drinking water at our office. Everyone has a personalized carafe on its desk, eliminating 100% of the water bottles we used before.”

Jamy – MAAS

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Frequently Asked Questions

Still left with questions? Check out our F.A.Q’s, or our extensive helpdesk.
The Aquablu Refill is purchased using a monthly subscription which covers installation & service. Please go to our pricing page and fill in a quick form, so we can send you a personalized quote!
Usually the machine is installed within a month after the contract is signed
We work together with the well known company MAAS, who takes care of the installation and service of the machine at your location within the Netherlands.
The system can be placed wherever you want. The only thing that we need is electricity and a water supply for our system to work. Oh yea, drainage is preferred, but not a must.