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Healthy soda machine

The Aquablu water dispenser converts water into healthy sparkling or cooled drinks and adds important vitamins and minerals with different flavor options. 

Add a payment module to your drink machine and offer healthy and tasty drinks – without the packaging. 

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Healthy soda alternative

Aquablu Refill+

Zero sugar, but lots of vitamins and minerals to boost your day. 

Need a caffeine boost? Who needs a Red Bull. Red fruits wil not only give you energy, but also important vitamins and minerals. 

The eco-friendly
soda machine

No more cans, plastic bottles or sugar. 

We introduce an alternative to a sport drinks vending machine or a soda vending machine.

Install the drink machine in your office or retail location and offer cooled, normal or sparkled water water in multiple flavor options – without any packaging. 

Show your brand is serious about sustainability and vitality.

4 flavors, 39 options

Personalize your drink

Choose between 39 options and personalize your drink for the moment. Go for intens focus with red fruits or give your immunity a boost with refreshing lemon. Combine this with sparkling, normal or cooled water.

For people & planet

Aquablu Refill+ versus soda machine

Our flavored water dispensers have multiple perks compared to traditional soda fountains: 

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Make your healthy drink machine complete

Add a payment module

Add a payment module to your Aquablu Refill healthy soda water dispenser or choose other accessories to complete your setup. 

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The Aquablu Refill is the perfect healthy alternative to the soda dispenser / sports drink vending machine / soda fountain / soda vending machine. Users can choose between 39 personalized tasty drinks with zero sugar, and an abundance on vitamins and minerals. 

The Aquablu Refill is comparable to a soda vending machine or a soda fountain, but has some unique perks: it offers enhanced filtered flavored water in different options. Furthermore, with the Aquablu Refill plastic bottles or cans are not needed as people use reusable bottles and glasses. 

The Aquablu Refill is good for people, planet and profit. The solution is a PPP solution:

By choosing healthy drinks over unhealthy soda’s, people consume better drinks without sugar and PFAS contamination. Drinking enhanced and filtered water boost their vitality and offers a variety of important vitamins and minerals. 

The Aquablu Refill offers a sustainable solution. Because of the dispenser it is not necessary to use plastic bottles or soda cans anymore. The plastic issue is a big problem, as a lot of this ends up in the ocean

The Aquablu Refill is a profitable solution. In many cases, is saves companies money because they do not need watertanks or transportations, because they are connected to the waternet. Furthermore, a payment module can be installed to charge people for the refill drinks. 

The Aquablu Refill water dispenser is an upgrade to the normal commercial soda machine. There is a payment module option that you can integrate.

You can place the Aquablu Refill in multiple locations, such as retail locations, offices and more. 

Please see this document for a clear overview of the installation requirements. 

Unfortunately, this is not possible yet. We only service offices and retail locations. 

Yes, the Aquablu Refill fulfills a similar need compared to a sports drink vending machine. However, it has some unique perks. As the enhances and purified water with flavors is extremely healthy and contain no sugar. Sport drinks however can contain a lot of sugar.

Our drink machine is suitable for business offices and retail locations, where there is a connection with the regular water net. Check the installation requirements above. 

The Aquablu dispenser is not 

There are different prices and contracts for the Aquablu REFILL. It is available for purchase and lease. Click here for the different contract forms. 

The Aquablu REFILL can be delivered with a payment module. This means you can set the payment for the drinks. 

You do not need a permit for the Aquablu machine if you place the dispenser in an office, tankstation, retail location, etc. Because you cannot place the vending machine outside in a public place, you do not need a permit.

Is your question not answered? No problem, please contact our support and we will answer all your questions. 

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