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Sparkling water dispenser

Healthy sparkling water straight from your tap.
Add natural flavors and vitamins to give your water some extra sparkle.

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Aquablu Refill

Drink more, waste less. Cut out completely on plastic bottles. Simply hook the Aquablu to your tap water and enjoy unlimited purified sparkling water.

The next generation

Discover the next generation SodaStream for offices and retail locations.

Offer filtered carbonated water and add flavors and vitamins to enhance your drink. Go for a boost of freshness with lemon or go for inner focus with red fruits. 

“The Aquablu Refill is a wonderfully beautiful, innovative and future-proof product. In the context of vitality and sustainability, this is the perfect product for every business.” 

Smart technology make good bubbles

Advanced purification in combination with strong carbonate power ensures you always drink the best water available. The Aquablu Refill upgrades soda water into healthy sparkling water. Harmful contaminants stand no chance against the power of our water filters. 

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Interested in a SodaStream 2.0 for your company?
The Aquablu Refill is available from 106 a month. 

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We sell water, not plastic

Our mission

We have an ambitious mission. We want to save 1 bilion plastic bottles before the end of 2030. 

With our sparkling water dispensers, plastic sparkling water bottles are history.

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The sparkling water from the Aquablu Refill water dispenser is very healthy, as it consist of filtered and enhanced water with carbonate. Extra filtering is done during the use of the dispenser and valuable minerals and vitamins are added. Hence, the sparkling water from the Aquablu Refill is healthier compared to normal sparkle water. 

The first big difference is that the sparkling water from Aquablu is from a dispenser. Hence, plastic bottles are left cut out and do not end up in the plastic soup we experience in the wold nowadays. Secondly, the water from the Aquablu water dispenser is healthier than bottled water, due to the intens filtering process and the added minerals and vitamins.