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The water gallon 2.0

Still having the old fashioned water tank or water gallon dispenser in your office?

Experience the perks of having the next generation water gallon dispenser and enjoy filtered and healthy water, without any plastic waste. 

Hook the Aquablu REFILL to your tap and enjoy the best water available in 39 personalized drinks.

Why choose the Aquablu Refill?


Save money by cutting down on water delivery costs and canned and plastic water delivery.


Filtered fresh water with extra vitamins and minerals that boost boost your health and fit your need-state.


Say no to the plastic soup and enjoy unlimited fresh spring water, without packaging.

Cost saving

Reduce your costs on water deliveries, reduce transportation costs of waste and enjoy an endless supply of fresh water. 

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Zero sugar

Functional drinks

Enjoy 39 personalized healthy drinks by combining cooled or sparkling water with multiple healthy vitamin flavors. 

Good for people and planet

Be good for both people and planet by offering the highest quality water available while showing sustainability matters and cutting out single use plastics. 


Gerrit Jan Gerritsen

“The filtered water from the Aquablu dispenser is a perfect solution. It is nice to have a good alternative to coffee and being able to remove our ugly water gallon in the office. Now, I easily drink 2 liter water a day, whereas without the water dispenser I sometimes drank 12 cups of coffee a day. I actually feel better now when I return home from work.

Complete your set

Want to add a payment module or some glass bottles? Choose the accessories that you need.

Complete set aquablu refill dispenser inclusief betaalsysteem

A water tap in your office?

Ready to join other pioneers and replace your water gallon with our water dispenser? 

Choose between a stand alone furniture or install one in your existing pantry. 

Available for lease and purchase.

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The Refill dispenser dimensions are 250x180x630 (mm). For a standard stand, the dimensions are 900x640x1900 (mm), however, if you create a custom stand the dimensions can vary. 

The Aquablu Refill can be installed in many different location within the office. Ranging from kitchens, break rooms, reception and more. All that is required for installation is:

  • Electricity
  • A water source nearby the Aquablu Refill system
  • Wifi or 4G connection

For more information on install requirements contact us here.

The Aquablu water dispenser allows employees to enjoy delicious drinks while reducing plastic waste. With every tap, you not only save plastic waste and CO2, but for every liter of water that is tapped, we also donate 1 liter to developing countries. Every year, each company receives a personalized overview of the impact made through the Aquablu Refill system. 

 Our smart water dispenser turns local tap water into perfectly filtered water with added minerals. Allowing you to get still, sparkling, and flavored water—without the waste.

The Aquablu REFILL is a waterdispenser and different from a water gallon and water tank. The water dispenser is directly installed on the existing waternet, so there is no need to order new gallons or fill a tank. However, there needs to be a direct link to the water network, since the Aquablu REFILL does not store water. 

No, the Aquablu Refill has no watertank. It is connected to the normal waternet and has no storage. This way, we can promise a consistent water quality without any contaminations. Stagnant water can contain harmful contaminations.

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Ready for the wave?

Ready for the wave?