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The water dispenser from Aquablu delivers crispy fresh water for offices and retail locations. Tasty water with extra vitamins and minerals that boost your health.

For offices & retail

Clean drinking water

The water tap provides a constant water quality. The cutting-edge dispensing technology focuses on hygiene, taste and nutritional transparency. It filters bacteria such as PFAS, chlorine, and microplastics.

Water tap
and filter in one

Hook the Aquablu REFILL+ to your tap and enjoy filtered and purified water due to the newest water purification technology.

Harmful contaminations like microplastics are filtered out, while extra vitamins and minerals are added. 



4 flavors, 39 options

We call it more than water. Choose between 39 personalized water options. Tickle the senses with Mango Guava’s UNWIND or give your productivity a boost with the Red Fruit FOCUS.

Choose the flavor/vitamin combination that meets your need-state. 

Sustainable water solution

The future of water delivery, making existing business water suppliers redundant. Exchange your regular water supplier with the Aquablu REFILL+ and contribute to a better future without unnecessary packaging or transportation. 

“We value the wellbeing of our teams and always strive to implement more sustainable solutions. It’s safe to say that the moment we received our Aquablu REFILL+ in the office, it was immediately adopted by our entire team.”

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Ready for the future of water delivery?

Interested in the Aquablu REFILL+? Go for our built-in model or our stand alone with matching furniture. Request a non-binding quote.

The quality of Dutch tap water is good and is continuously monitored and improved. However, tap water can attract contaminants during distribution and the fact that it is usually lukewarm or even hot from the tap has a negative impact on the taste.

Moreover, the tap water that is tapped from a faucet is also the place where people usually wash their hands or clean other things. Not the most hygienic or attractive place to tap a refshreshing drink.

The water tap from Aquablu is connected directly to the water supply and provides chilled, extra purified water, with and without bubbles. Extra essential minerals are added, making the water even better for your health and vitality. The closed system makes it one of the most hygienic solutions for water. 

The Aquablu Refill can be installed in many different location within the office. Ranging from kitchens, break rooms, reception, and more. All that is required for installation is:

  • Electricity
  • A water source nearby the Aquablu Refill system
  • Wifi or 4G connection

For more information on install requirements contact us here.

The Aquablu REFILL can be installed directly on existing waterpipes. Making this solution completely different than, for instance, with regular business water suppliers, as they deliver water and are dependent on water availability, transportation, and waste processing. By installing the water tap on the normal waternet, all these dependencies are being left out. 

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Ready for the wave?

Ready for the wave?