Van der Valk


“The number of different drinks options available really set the REFILL+ apart from the competition.”

Historic Dutch Hospitality

Family-run business Van der Valk is the largest Dutch hospitality chain in the Netherlands. Established in 1862, the group now runs more than 100 hotels and restaurants around the world.

When Office Manager Roy van de Laar first started looking for a new drinks solution for the Van der Valk employees, his goal was to keep everyone well hydrated without having to rely on single-use packaging. 

The need for an alternative to canned drinks

The previous solution had been to provide soft drinks like Coca-Cola and Fanta to employees. Water, too, was available, but only in old-school coolers with added fruit and mint leaves to improve the flavor. 

Despite there being sugar-free drinks and water on offer, the team was consuming a lot of soft drinks. Not only was that an unhealthy option for everyday consumption, but it also meant there were about 150 cans every week that had to be collected and recycled.

“Nobody around here drinks soft drinks anymore”
Roy van de Laar
Office Manager

The solution

While doing research into a more sustainable and health-conscious solution to their problem, Roy said there were two factors that really drew them to the REFILL+. 

Firstly, the design. The dispenser’s minimal design worked perfectly in Van der Valk’s office bar area, matching the interiors well and fitting into existing furniture. 

Secondly, the number of different drinks options available. This is what really set the REFILL+ apart from the competition. 

Roy found that other systems were limited in terms of the flavors on offer, and in some cases the concern was that they would need daily cleaning to avoid cross-contamination. The REFILL+, on the other hand, came with the benefit of its patented nozzle designed to prevent bacteria spread, which means that cleaning doesn’t cost much time at all for Roy.

Once Van der Valk had settled on the Aquablu REFILL+, Roy said that installing the system was easy to do and complete within the space of a week.

Happy and hydrated

From the get-go, everybody in the office loved the system. They find it easy to use, and especially like the fruit flavors and specific functional benefits. Nobody drinks soft drinks anymore, and colleagues from their other office location even walk over to the building where the REFILL+ is installed to fill up their bottles before heading back to their own workspaces.  

The biggest change Roy has noticed, however, is the overall approach to hydration. With the system installed, everyone is more focused on their water intake; whether it’s during the work day, or before and after sports classes.

When visitors from other hotels come by the office, Roy said that the REFILL+ is something they often notice, and has become a positive talking point. He would recommend the system to anyone, based on the benefits he’s seen internally, and the swift and easy service he has enjoyed from the team at Aquablu.


Impact meter

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Ready to rethink the way we drink water?

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