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Aquablu has been a wonderful asset for us. We’re using fewer soft drinks bottles and cans now that people can fill their own reusable bottles with the flavored drinks or water of their choice. We’re pleased to be able to offer a tasty and healthy alternative.”

Game Changers

Royal Schiphol Group owns and operates airports throughout the Netherlands, providing aviation infrastructure and air transport facilities for both passengers and cargo. Its goal is to create the world’s most sustainable, high-quality airports.

The need for a suitable water solution

Schiphol Group discovered the Aquablu REFILL+ when looking for a solution to promote hydration and reduce plastic use in their offices. Their setup of PET bottles and 18.9 liter water tanks was not serving them well; they noticed that on top of all the unnecessary plastic involved, this also brought with it a lot of unnecessary transport and heavy labor.

Their number one priority was the vitality of their employees. They also wanted a system that looked attractive, had a wide range of flavors, and was user-friendly. They knew their employees would value a system that provides unlimited access to free drinks, and wanted to find the most efficient way to offer this.

The solution

The team at Schiphol found peace of mind in the fact that the REFILL+ could lower their plastic consumption and reduce the transport and physical labor associated with bottled drinks. 

But the real deciding factor was the system’s features: the different flavors and the look and feel of the system proved very popular. The management team was convinced that the REFILL+ would improve sustainability, vitality, and offer something distinctive for Schiphol Group employees.

"For us, this is yet another step on our road to designing a workplace experience that's as healthy as possible. The Aquablu REFILL+ is well received by everyone, and is considered a very welcome solution."
Arnold Verbeek
Site Manager at Schiphol Group

A happy working environment

Since the arrival of the REFILL+, there has been lots of positive feedback from employees. They’re enthusiastic about the system, and particularly enjoy the flavors on offer. The reduction of waste and increase in water consumption has created a noticeable and positive impact.

Impact meter

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