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“Before we had the REFILL+ we used a lot of bottles. Now, guests can bring their own bottles to refill, or use a glass throughout the day, and they love choosing their own flavors.”

Game Changers

NBC Congrescentrum is a full-service events location close to Utrecht, in the Netherlands. It employs 160 people who cater to clients and guests year-round on a daily basis. The building’s 2024 renovation project introduced new rooms, interior design, state-of-the-art technology and the largest projection set in the Netherlands.

Sophisticated design

We spoke with Desiree Mulders, Floor Manager at NBC Congrescentrum. Desiree told us that it’s the look and feel of the REFILL+ that first stood out to the NBC team. Having recently completed a large renovation project, which included the upscaling of their interior, it was a top priority for them to find a water system that looks as sophisticated and high quality as the rest of the building. Not only that, but the system had to fit into existing coffee corners and match the premium design of their coffee machines.


Improving the guest experience

They also wanted something that’s easy to use and practical. The interface of the REFILL+ meant that guests would have no trouble pouring a drink of their choice. People can bring their own bottles to use and refill, or just use a glass throughout the day. Either way, the ability to choose from different flavors and select fizzy or still water provided a great benefit to the guest experience.

“It’s very practical and easy to use.”
Desiree Mulders
Floor Manager at NBC Congrescentrum

More sustainable; less waste

Before Aqublu, the only solution for water was bottles, which meant Desiree and her team had to handle a lot of bottles every day. When cleaning up after an event, most of them wouldn’t even be empty, but had to be thrown away, which proved very wasteful. The amount of space and people power needed to maintain this system was unsustainable. Now with the REFILL+, Desiree says, “I literally turn on the machine in the morning, put some glasses out, and it’s ready to use throughout the day.”

Desiree says she wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the Aquablu REFILL+ if she were to work anywhere else. It has removed some of the obstacles of her job, is a sustainable long-term solution, and provides an even more enjoyable guest experience. 


Impact meter

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