“The filtered water from the Aquablu dispenser is a perfect solution because I don’t like tap water. It is nice to have a good alternative to coffee. Now, I easily drink 2 liter water a day, whereas without the water dispenser I sometimes drank 12 cups of coffee a day. I actually feel better now when I return home from work.”

Game Changers

EMCÉ Winches is a creator and manufacturer of winches, capstans, and related equipment. With a company history spanning well over 80 years, EMCÉ winches can be found all around the world. 

EMCÉ was our trusted partner since the very start. “It was the dynamic and ambitious team that convinced me to try the dispenser. But it was their way of thinking outside the box and the creative approach, that convinced me that this was actually a spot-on creation.”

The need for change

Coffee was the standard drink at EMCÉ. It was consumed a lot. Since coffee was the only option apart from drinking tap water – people did not really have an alternative. On a regular day, 12 cups of coffee would be drunk by both the welders and the office workers, leaving employees with notable negative side effects like headaches and feeling fidgety. This was not beneficial for the productivity and vitality in the company. 

The solution

By providing an alternative and a much healthier option, EMCÉ noticed that people started to drink more water. The water dispenser is placed directly next to the coffee machine. Because of this, people use it more over coffee. Now, people have an healthy alternative and are being able to stay hydrated. They even fill their own bottles for on the go when they return home. 

The dispenser also offers an aesthetic upgrade to the room. The dispenser and built-in furniture fit well in combination with the other furnitures, giving it a homely but still modern ambient. Because people use their own bottle, they also cut out on the dishes, so the coffee corner looks clean and proper. Something they did not intended at first, but turned out to be a positive side effect.

"I love the dispenser because you get really good water and the dispenser looks aesthetically nice. The water taste is really soft. It is much better than tap water."
Gerrit Jan Gerritsen
Account manager

The result

The result is that people drink a lot more water now and that they are happy to have an alternative for coffee. Sparkling water is the favorite at EMCÉ. They saved a total of almost 5000 plastic bottles and 800 kg C02 in only one year, and have a total of 8045 liters water. This will only increase in the next years to go. As we are continuing making waves together. 

About EMCÉ

EMCÉ is founded in 1933. EMCÉ has developed a wealth of knowledge and experience in creating solutions for the movement of goods, objects and people. The leading ambition at EMCÉ is to meet or surpass the expectations of her customers. EMCÉ is present on all relevant markets be it shipbuilding, oil, gas, and renewables, dredging, construction, mining or general industry.


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