“I would recommend the Aquablu Refill. The water dispenser is a big upgrade compared to our previous water solution: a water tank. Now, we are not dependent on suppliers anymore and we have unlimited access to filtered, tasty and soft water. “

Game Changers

ELSTO develops, manufactures and supplies both standard and highly specialized mechanical drives and the accompanying control systems. The combination of expertise, a good stock position and the in company production facilities make ELSTO the perfect co-engineering partner, be it for prototyping or large production runs. Elsto is one of the early adaptors from Aquablu. We’re proud to be able to call Elsto our pioneers. 

The need for change

Before Elsto had the Aquablu water dispenser, they had a water tank in the office. The problem with this outdated water dispenser was that it proved to be unreliable at times. Sometimes Elsto was left without sufficient water due to no-show deliveries or dependence on the water supply.

Elsto also experienced some bottlenecks with the water tank itself, as it had to be cleaned on a regular bases. If not cleaned properly, the water was dirty or contaminated. Not only did this negatively influence the water taste, it was also a health issue. All the employees in different departments were dependent of this water. Emphasizing the need for a reliable source of healthy water.

Did you know? A water barrel contains 2,7 million bacteria per square inch. 

The solution

With the Aquablu water tap, Elsto is now connected to the normal water net. Resulting into all the previous problems being solved instantly. The situation is to say ideal. Both the engineers on the compound as the people working in the office can now freely access personalized water that taste soft and good.

The water dispenser is positioned at a central spot, making it easy accessible for all. With the water system from Aquablu they are not dependent on others anymore, whilst having reliable high quality water.

Because everyone at Elsto uses the Aquablu Refill bottles, they cut out the plastics and even dishes. Making this an all inclusive solution.

"I think it is important that every one in the company drinks sufficient water. So it is necessary to provide them with healthy water. You really notice that people drink more water with the water dispenser so it's actually a win-win scenario."

The result

Both engineers and office workers now freely enjoy unlimited healthy water, without being dependent on water suppliers. Chilled water is their favorite, followed by sparkling water. Before the Aquablu water dispenser was places, the people drank an average of one barrel of water per week. Now, this is one barrel a day. 

Furthermore, a total of 9006 plastic bottles are saved because they use their own bottles. A result we’re very happy to see. As it has a positive effect on both the work environment as the planet. 

About Elsto Drives & Controls

Elsto, consisting of Elsto Drives & Controls, Elsto Noord, Stolk Transmission Services and Elsto Services, is located at five locations in the Netherlands. Over the years, Elsto has grown from a traditional mechanical drive house into a total solution provider in the field of drive and control technology. The sale of standard electromechanical components has been supplemented by the development of advanced total solutions.

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