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“The best part is the cooled water. It can be very warm in our office and in the Tikibad, so having cooled water is a necessity to stay hydrated. We use the water dispenser a lot.

Game Changers

Duinrell is an amusement park in the Netherlands that attracts people from all ages, offering families a spectacular holiday. Every year, an average of 1,4 million people enjoy the campsite and the park. The major draw is the waterpark, which is the biggest of the Benelux and voted top 20 worldwide.

The need for water

Drinking sufficient water has numerous proven benefits like increased productivity and vitality. Staying hydrated positively influences factors like concentration, focus and productivity. All factors that are important at Duinrell and the waterpark, as water is an important commodity in the park, both for holiday guests and employees. 

Before the Aquablu Refill was introduced, people drank water straight from the tap. That meant certain problems where involved. The water from the tap was too warm, especially during summer or around the pool, leaving people dehydrated and sometimes overheated. This led to people drinking unhealthy but cooled sodas. This was both a problem in terms of health and in plastic bottles and cans being used. 

Some people even declined drinking water from the tap, as a lot of foreigners do not know the water quality from the tap in the Netherlands. What led to the earlier mentioned problems like dehydration and the tendency to choose unhealthy chilled soda drinks. 

The solution

The water dispenser provided the perfect solution for all these factors. People now have access to cooled and sparkling water, making sure that the people are hydrated and healthy. Now, they do not have to drink warm water from the tap in an environment that is also warm. They can choose chilled fresh water. Furthermore, the option to add sparkled and flavored water provides the people with a healthy alternative to drinking soda. 

"We now have more water dispensers situated in the park because people responded really nice on the water dispenser."

The result

The results were profound. A significant increase showed in the amount of healthy beverages being drunk. And not only did people drink a lot more water, they are also happier. As they now have chilled personalized drinks to choose from. The water dispenser is currently an important meeting spot for people gathering at the Tiki bad in Duinrell. 

About Duinrel and the Tikibad

For already more than 85 years, holiday and amusement park Duinrell offers a wide variety of overnight accommodations on the holiday park, the fun-filled amusement park, the tropical Tiki Pool and countless opportunities for sport and relaxation. Duinrell offers holidays for the whole family, all year round. Tikibad is the largest indoor waterpark and slide paradise of the Benelux. 

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