Thanks to the Aquablu dispenser, we notice that people drink less coffee and more water. Individuals choose their preferred flavor/vitamin combination depending on their need-state. For example when they need more focus or want to strengthen their immunity, they choose their drink accordingly.”

Game Changers

Chain Logistics is the perfect place for all logistical services. With 7500 transports in 15 different countries, they offer a total package of logistics services, including transport, warehousing, third party logistics and (e-)fulfillment of products. 

The need for a sustainable water solution

Chain Logistics is a social enterprise that is completely energy neutral. Their fleet and entire business operations are aimed at being as sustainable as possible and reducing their carbon footprint. Hence, they need a water solution that fits their needs.

The solution

The sustainable water dispenser from Aquablu is a perfect fit for Chain Logistics. Now, they have an unlimited supply of fresh drinks without any packaging. This aligns well with their goals to be sustainable. 

“The water dispenser is a good investment. It helps to hydrate our people in a modern way and it offers a healthy alternative to coffee. The dispenser itself looks very neat and modern. When we have guests at the office it gives the perfect image. The flavor module ads a nice experience to the whole water dispensing. Users choose consciously what type of water they drink, depending on their need-state. We had people who were on the verge of being sick drinking IMMUNITY to give their health a boost.”

“Thanks to the Aquablu dispenser, we notice that people drink a lot less coffee and choose the healthier option."
Rob Jansen
Chain Logistics logo

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