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Personalize your water with added vitamins and minerals to give your day a boost. 

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Zero sugar

Only vitamins

We introduce healthy ánd tasty flavored water: functional water that fits your need-state.

Start a though Monday with Fresh Lemon’s REFRESH or dive into that difficult project with FOCUS. 

Aquablu REFILL+

Hello, is that you?

Before you order your free tasting sample, please make sure that you order it for your company or retail location. 

The flavors are part of the water dispenser for offices and retail, and can’t be sold (yet) for consumers or without dispenser.  

4 flavors, 10+ vitamins


Red fruits

FOCUS is specifically designed to boost your concentration.


Raspberry & Pomegranate

BALANCE is specifically designed to boost your inner balance.


Fresh lemon

IMMUNITY is specifically designed to provide a refreshing boost.


Mango Guave

UNWIND is specifically designed to give you a relaxing moment.


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