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Sometimes we just want to throw some cool water facts out there. This is one of these moments. And quite literally. Researchers have now discovered a brand new type of ice that’s not found on earth, but manmade in a lab. This new form of ice (MDA) is created in a lab, using a process called ball milling. This new ice with unique properties is made by placing ordinary ice in a jar with some stainless balls, shake it and then coole it to -200 degrees celsius. And voila, you have a complete new form of ice.


About the new ice type (MDA)


As a scale-up that that specializes in the art of water (we built water dispensers that purifies water and adds vitamins and minerals), we are a bit biased when it comes to ice and water. From a scientific standpoint, ice and water can be a bit strange. Did you know that there are about 20 different types of ice? With each different atomic structures. The different types of ice are made when ice or water is exposed to various pressure conditions and different temperatures.  

The most common form of ice is Ice 1. This is the ice that naturally appears on the Earth’s surface and in your freezer. The majority of ice types have a crystalline structure, meaning that atoms follow a uniform pattern. The new MDA (Medium Density Amorphous) ice, is amorphous. Making it very special in the world of ice science. The atoms are arranged randomly, a bit similar to the structure of liquid water. It also has the same density as liquid water (normally, ice becomes less dense when freezing). These unique properties make the researchers state that the new MDA ice, is the true glassy state of water.

Another interesting property of MDA ice, is that when it’s warmed up it begins to recrystallize. Whole it does so, big amounts of heat are released. Making this ice type very interesting to explore further. Who knows, maybe MDA ice will even be used as a tool for sustainable power generation in the near future.

"Rather than ending up with smaller pieces of ice, we realized that we had come up with an entirely new kind of thing, with some remarkable properties."

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