How to make the most of Dutch tax incentives on your REFILL+

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Save up to 14% on your environmentally conscious investment under the MIA\VAMIL scheme

In the Netherlands, a wave of sustainability and environmental consciousness is transforming the business landscape. Entrepreneurs are increasingly seeking ways to contribute to a greener planet while also finding financial incentives to support their eco-friendly initiatives. 

The Aquablu REFILL+ is a sustainable and cost effective solution that also offers significant tax benefits under the MIA\VAMIL scheme. Read on to find out how Dutch entrepreneurs can make the most of this golden opportunity.

Embrace Sustainability with financial incentives through MIA\VAMIL

The Dutch government, recognizing the need to support sustainable practices among businesses, has introduced the MIA\VAMIL scheme. This initiative is designed for entrepreneurs who are subject to income tax or corporate tax, allowing them to write off a substantial portion of their investment in environmentally friendly solutions. The REFILL and REFILL+ water dispensers from Aquablu are prime examples of such investments.

What is MIA\VAMIL?

MIA\VAMIL stands for “Milieu Investeringsaftrek\Vamilijke Afschrijving Milieu-investeringen”, or Environmental Investment Allowance and Arbitrary Depreciation of Environmental Investments. These schemes offer a liquidity or interest advantage, enabling businesses to pay less tax by investing in sustainable technologies.

MIA\VAMIL and Aquablu: A Perfect Match

Aquablu’s REFILL+ system aligns with the criteria of asset code F 1307 (tap system for water and soft drinks), as listed in the environmental list. This system aims at reducing the packaging of ready-to-drink beverages and transport movements, offering significant environmental benefits. By choosing the REFILL+ system, businesses not only reduce their carbon footprint; they can also enjoy financial savings of up to 14%.

Qualifying for MIA\VAMIL with REFILL+

To tap into the benefits of MIA\VAMIL, businesses need to meet specific criteria under code F 1307. This includes submitting a copy of the order confirmation, a detailed explanation of the investment, and evidence that the REFILL+ system contributes to reducing packaging and transport movements. 

Aquablu facilitates this process by providing an impact report to support your application.

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3 Easy Steps to Sustainable Savings

  1. Choose Aquablu: Selecting our REFILL+ system is a step towards embracing a sustainable future. Reach out to us at [email protected] for more information.
  2. Submit Your Application Within 3 Months: Ensure to report your investment in the Aquablu REFILL+ system to the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) within three months of your purchase.
  3. Claim Your Savings: Apply the MIA and VAMIL benefits in your tax return to receive up to 14% of your investment costs back.

For detailed steps and more information on how to proceed with receiving this tax deduction, we encourage you to download the PDF (in Dutch).

By integrating the Aquablu REFILL+ system into your business operations, you’re not just making a commitment to the environment; you’re also positioning your business for financial benefits. This tax deduction is an additional incentive for entrepreneurs looking to contribute to a sustainable future.

Aquablu is dedicated to offering solutions that not only meet the needs of today’s environmentally conscious entrepreneurs but also provide tangible financial benefits. Join the new wave in water, and let’s work together towards a greener, more sustainable future.

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