Disposable plastic banned from 2024 in the office

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In the near future, there will be a single use plastic ban in the EU. From 2024 there will be a ban on disposable cups in the office. The measures come from European regulations that have been in force since July 2021 (SUP Directive). Even cardboard cups that are often found next to coffee or water coolers will be banned, as they consist partly of plastic. We believe this single use plastic ban in the office is a good start for more sustainable business operations. As there are more than sufficient alternatives that provides office workers with not only high quality drinks, but also without any involvement of plastic. Did you know that an average person eats a credit card worth of plastic – in a week?  


Reuse is becoming the new normal

Society is turning against plastic bottles containing water or soft drinks, and reuse is slowly becoming the new normal. A sustainable working environment is becoming more and more important. As we now know and feel that plastic is a serious issue and has an impact on the environment we live in. Partly because of this shift in consciousness, many facility managers are looking at sustainable alternatives in the office. Where it quickly becomes clear that almost all drinks except lukewarm water from the tap are still only available in a (plastic) bottle. What an unnecessary waste!


Dispensers & reusable bottles as alternative to packaged drinks

The European Union is taking matters into its own hand by banning single use plastic in the office. And sustainable office solutions like ours are sprouting. We are here to make the shift for offices to be sustainable not only easier, but also more pleasant. We offer a better alternative. 

By using smart water dispensers like the Aquablu Refill, employees can have access to healthy drinks – without the waste. With a wide choice of filtered, sparkling and flavored water. The different types of refreshing water are healthy, great-tasting and contribute to good hydration and concentration in the office. Sustainable & distinctive. The smart water tap also filters water and adds important vitamins to enhance the work flow. 

Are you also keen to lead the way and reduce plastic bottles of water or soft drinks in the office, or just get more out of your tap? Then look into a sustainable water dispenser, as a replacement for bottles, drink dispensers & water barrels. If you would like more information, please download the Aquablu Refill brochure below.

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