Winners of the CBRE Innovation Award 2023

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We’re proud to announce that the Aquablu REFILL+ won the prestigious CBRE Supplier Innovation Award in Belgium! This award recognizes innovative ideas, new ways of working and world-class client solutions.

The Winning Formula

On the 12th of September 2023, we presented our solution to both the CBRE jury and a general audience alongside our esteemed partner, Selecta. Taking them through our product from concept and design to implementation, we highlighted all the main benefits of the REFILL+, which include:

  1. Delicious flavored water with added vitamins, minerals, and electrolytes
  2. A modular design, which is stylish and easy to set up
  3. Built-in monthly Sustainability (ESG) reporting
  4. Hygienic dispensing, with a patented nozzle designed to prevent bacteria spread
  5. Our range of add-ons, like payment solutions and glassware
  6. Automatic and smart maintenance reminders

Despite the presence of some fierce and fantastic competitors at the event, the Aquablu REFILL+ won over the jury for the Innovation Award 2023. And not only that – we also secured over 70% of the audience votes, meaning we also won the audience award. A convincing win all around, and one we’re extremely happy to receive!

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Easy Implementation

A big part of the criteria to win this award focused on ease of implementation.

Not only does the Aquablu REFILL+ fit everywhere – whether you choose to place it in a standard kitchen cabinet or use our standalone furniture – it also has the benefit of being upgraded easily. You can start with plain and simple water and use our standard filtration system, and when you decide to add the vitamin flavors, just add a module. No need to buy a new system.

Extensions like payment terminals and smart jerrycans are also possible to add, making the system work for whatever purpose you like. Plus, it provides smart reminders, which automatically tell your Facilities Manager when it’s time to restock.

And finally, because of our partnership with Selecta, the system is very easily scaled within businesses throughout Europe.

A Unique Innovation

The awards also required entrants to show off the uniqueness of their solutions. We were able to win the vote by highlighting two key areas where the Aquablu REFILL+ is like no other product on the market:

  1. Hygienic Dispensing: What makes the Aquablu REFILL+ so unique is its patented technology that ensures no cross-contamination and bacterial interference. Why is this so important? Well, it allows a safe and healthy solution that’s just like bottled water, but better, as it eliminates the need for extra packaging. We’re leading the way to unbottle the beverage industry, and keeping our drinks safe and healthy at the same time.
  2. Four Unique Flavors: With four different flavors, your choice of flavor intensity, and the possibility of chilled, still, or sparkling water, the Aquablu REFILL+ offers a total of 39 different drink options. This means there’s something for everyone: from Focus, our red fruit flavor with a little boost of caffeine, to Immunity, our fresh lemon drink that’s infused with Vitamin C and Zinc to improve vitality all day long. All our flavors are zero sugar and functional, too.

Does the Aquablu REFILL+ sound interesting for your workplace? Grab a brochure to learn more!

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