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Hurrah! The Aquablu refill is awarded with not one – but two – awards during the Benelux Office Product Awards of 2022. The winners of 2022 were announced during a festive evening at Residence in Rhenen. More than forty companies in thirteen different categories competed for an award. The announcing of the winners was done in a very special way: singing. And yes, we have a video of this (see video below).

Although we (blessedly) did not have to sing when we received the rewards, we were still very happy to receive the prestigious awards: the award in Healthy Work Products and the Design Award. 


Healthy Work Products Award and Design Award

There was a lot of attention for topical themes such as sustainability and healthy work. This remains particular high among suppliers in the office sector. According tot he jury, the Aquablu Refill fits perfectly in the modern healthy and sustainable oriented office. And we couldn’t agree more. Because of the modern and easy to use design, the Aquablu water dispenser converts every office or restaurant into a modern working space. 



Office Products Award 2022

” Aquablu Refill is a real premium product with a lot of added value. It fits perfectly in the modern healthy and sustainable office”

– The jury

The Aquablu refill is a smart water dispenser that transforms ‘normal’ tap water into healthy water with added minerals and vitamins. The Aquablu is built with the newest technology, what ensures a continuous quality of safe water from the highest grade. Via an interactive dashboard on the modern looking water dispensers, people can choose a broad variety of flavors and minerals. 

The goal of Aquablu is to minimize the use of single-use plastics and contribute to more vitality and productivity in the office. 


Now, without further ado. The song where Aquablu wins the two rewards. 

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