Amsterdams Grachtenwater – drinking water from the canal, that is.

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Drinking from the canal? A little gross, but delicious. Aquablu we launched a limited edition Amsterdam Canal Water. Drinking water, from the canal that is.

For the occasion, the purification system was installed in a portable case on a sloop. The water was pumped from the canal and purified, mineralized and bottled on site. The 50 bottles were distributed to Amsterdam residents. The reactions? “Delicious. You wouldn’t say it’s canal water”.

The campaign was designed to show that the best water is local water. Without the aftertaste of environmentally polluting waste and transportation of plastic bottles. Likewise, a great opportunity to show that our systems can make healthy, clean drinking water from the very best water.

Marc and Marnix had hoped that the stunt would reach the press, but that so many people would actually be interested in buying the product, certainly not: “The action got a little out of hand. We wanted to show in a fun way what we are doing, not actually sell the water”. Says Marc van Zuylen (founder, Aquablu).

The flood of applications also surprised co-founder Marnix Stokvis: “It’s cool to see what we can achieve with our technology. Although it has never been our intention to sell Grachtenwater bottles, it is a great opportunity to put power behind our story. If it makes people so happy, we’ll be happy to make a second round along the canal.”

Publications in local and national media including:

Fonk Magazine
De Ondernemer
Marketing Tribune
Metro Lifestyle

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