The paradox of mineral water: why hard water can be the enemy and friend at the same time.

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Bottled mineral water contains little minerals. Sometimes even less than tap water. This is shown by research from Stiftung Warentest, an independent German test institute investigated 29 brands with mineral water without spark. Their test results showed that two-third (!) of the bottles contained “little to very little” minerals.

That’s weird: mineral water without minerals. Well, let’s just call it another creative term in water bottle advertisement. But is it a bad thing too?  First things first. Water is essential for all the vital processes of our body. Water replenishes our metabolic reserve, allows digestion and enhances waste elimination. But more importantly, healthy – with emphasis on healthy – water also provides nutrients that the body does not produce on its own. 

So what is healthy water actually? Healthy water is safe. That’s for sure. Healthy water is pure, meaning it is free from contaminants and pollutants. But there’s more. Essential minerals are minerals that your body- literally – needs. They are often divided into major minerals (macrominerals) and trace minerals (microminerals). Both are important, but trace minerals are needed in a smaller amount than major minerals. It might get a bit technical here. But stay with me, it’s quite interesting. 

Mineral water has many health benefits. It supports both bone and digestive health, it helps lower the blood pressure and is protective against cardiovascular diseases. 

Sounds awesome, right? But careful here; World Health Organization (WHO) has found that too many minerals can damage your health. But hey. Name one thing that isn’t bad, if consumed in excess. Mineral-rich water contains substances like magnesium, calcium sodium and zinc. Following research – it is a pretty effective way to boost your mineral intake. If balanced well. Long story short: making sure balance the minerals in your water is essential to enjoy all the above benefits from water. 

So what is the secret in getting both healthy mineral-rich water, without adding to the problem of plastic pollution using single-use plastic bottles? Once again, healthy water needs to be free from contaminants and pollution on the one hand while essential minerals are present and balanced in the water. This demand has created a fast-forward towards decentralized water purification. Especially in the area of adding essential minerals to purified water. This empowers people around the world to access healthy drinking water without the taste of transport and plastic. 

Curious about the balance in your drinking water? Book a free consult with one of our experts. 

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