The modern green office: 5 tips to convert into a sustainable office

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Offices are increasingly being transformed into modern green and sustainable offices. Lush green horizontal office forests, fair trade coffee and furniture made of sustainable or recycled materials. These are just a few of the initiatives that modern companies take when they want to make their business or office more sustainable. Sustainability in businesses if becoming increasingly important, both for the environment and the people who work in the office. 

This more sustainable way is not only good for our future, but also necessary. Soon for example, cups and plastics will be banned from the office. Emphasizing that people are getting serious about sustainability in the office and that they are willing to speed up the process. More and more companies have a strategic sustainability plan to help them achieve their future goals. A strategic sustainability plan consists of measurable objectives and associated action plans to achieve sustainability within the company.

Having a hard time knowing where to start with going green? With these tips you can convert any office into a green office.

5 tips for a sustainable office


1: Start outside the office

On the outside? Yes, you read it correctly. When you are looking for ways to make your office more sustainable or climate neutral, then the outside is the best place to start. When you are looking for options to generate your own green energy, solar panels can be a good option for the long-term. Especially when you combine this with good isolation. Something that is desirable anyway with the current gas prices. There are grants programs for offices that want to go green, making this a very interesting option. But if this option is too big or you simply don’t have the possibility, then the next four will perhaps be a good start.  
Does your office have an outside? Or a flat roof? Make sure to place lots of different plants to contribute to biodiversity. For instance with a fast, aesthetic and sustainable solution: biodiverse green roofs. A little research in advance is recommended, as not all plants and trees can bloom well together. 


2: Create your own office forest

Greens, greens and greens. Not only do plants enhance the mood in the office, they also have health attributions that benefit the vitality of the people in the office. And if you’re not persuaded of a small green office forrest yet: plants in the office also have an esthetic plus side: it makes your office look good, prosperous and can help improve the acoustics. Plants in the office is a new trend, and we love it.

There are a lot of plants that are fit for the office and have purifying effects. It is advised to do some research first when you’re going green. Since some plants need a lot of sunlight and not all offices are suited for this. Just google ‘office plants’ and you will see a lot of plant options that are good for your climate and have probably not to much tending needed. 
Did you know? According to research, there is a significant differente between offices that have plants and offices that don’t:

Offices with plants in it have a:

3: Say goodbye to plastics and cans

Not only good for the environment, but also beneficial for your wallet. Try to avoid single-use plastics in the office. This is actually a lot easier done than you think. For example, when you still use a lot of plastic bottles (or soda cans), you can easily replace this with a smart water dispenser. This way, you eliminate all the single use plastics and cans instantly. You stimulate drinking water in the office and it’s also costs-saving. A win-win!Just make a brief overview with al the plastics that are used in your office and see if you can eliminate or minimize them. Use paper bags for example instead of plastic bags and limit buying packed food. You remember the good old school canteen with the cheese- or sausage slices that are packed separately in plastic? Those should be banned in pre-history if you ask us.

4: Sustainable or secondhand furniture

Choose office furniture that is sustainable or second handed. Not only does this contribute to a circular economy,  it also looks really nice and authentic. Second hand office furniture is getting quite the hype lately, and we know why. You can actually buy really good office furniture and products for a lower price. There are a lot of webshops that sell used office furnitures from companies that went bankrupt or just had a big office redo. 

 5:Fair trade coffee and tea

Coffee is the core of many offices. And we understand this. There is no such thing as the smell of a fresh cup of coffee when you enter the office and open your laptop. Because people tend to drink a lot of coffee (an average of 4,2 cups a day!), this is also a good place to start looking for fair trade products. Fair trade coffee is certified as having been produced to fair trade standards and met certain sustainability and labor standards. Fair trade coffee supports a better life for farming families, enhanced community development and environmental stewardship. 

Why go green?

The main reason for going green is to reduce our footprints on the environment. Sustainable office solutions are actually good for people and planet. Without happy planet no happy people, and visa versa.  But making your office more sustainable has more benefits that you may have not thought of. For example the fact that it has a great deal of positive influence on the image of the company and it helps other companies to follow suit. Having a sustainable futureproof vision, show that a company is in for the long-term and envisions a planet-friendly strategy. Of course, greenwashing is where you take this to the next level. As sustainability should never be your strategy to improve sales or turnover. Going green can result into happyer people, spread a positive image, give a lead over competitors and of course: contribute to a healthier planet. 
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