Is the water you’re washing your hands with Corona virus free?

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Is your drinking water corona free?

With the announcement of the World Health Organization (WHO) that the Coronavirus (COVID-19) is an official pandemic, there’s no longer reason to stay naive and not take proper precautions. Washing your hands, avoid public gatherings and when symptoms arise; stay at home. What’s new – I hear you think. Well, have you ever considered the quality of the water that you’ve been washing your hands so carefully with? In a time we all depend on hygiene so much – it is crucial that this is free of viruses. For now, but especially if we don’t know what the future might hold for us. 

A global pandemic, what now?

 A global pandemic is not something to ignore, especially in times when global traveling is easier than ever. But what can you do in your home? How can you make the best out of a bad situation? Well, by taking extra good care of yourself and those around you. 

One of the most essential things for human life is water. This is one of our most precious resources which we consume and make use of on a daily basis. The human body consists of 60% out of water. Currently, Japanese researchers argue that drinking water every 15 minutes will safeguard you against the spreading virus, but what if the virus travels through water? Remember when there was a SARS outbreak in the early 2000s? Does COVID-19 have the same characteristics as SARS? 

In the 2003 SARS outbreak, there was documented transmission associated with sewage systems. Data suggested that purification methods like Reverse Osmosis were successful to inactivate the Coronavirus. At this time, the risks of transmission of the virus that causes COVID-19 through sewerage systems are thought to be at a very low level. Although transmission of COVID-19 through sewage may be possible, there is no evidence to date that this has occurred. Nonetheless, you should always make sure that your water is only of the best quality.

How can we get safe water? 

The WHO and other health organisations have suggested that every household is advised to have at least a 2 weeks supply of water. Of course, buying bottled water seems like a great solution. However, though plastic water bottles are in most cases safe to drink, it is an unsustainable and expensive solution for safe and healthy drinking water. In times of uncertainty, clean drinking water will be one of the first things that will become a scarce commodity. So what about tap water? This heavily depends on your country, water sources and means of (water) transport. Most people already know by now that the water from your tap is often slightly tainted, even in countries known for their high-quality tap water like the Netherlands. This is due to the fact that the tap water is cleaned centralized however contaminated during distribution to your home. 

Let’s get into the pure basics of water purification

Having access to clean, healthy water in your home is vital, as we already mentioned. To ensure that the quality of the water from your tap is of the highest standard, we suggest choosing a water purification system in your home. Having a membrane purifier allows you to remove even the smallest contaminants from the water. When you want to be 100% safe, then the best way to guarantee that is through membrane filtration. Having your own water source will make it easier for you to stay at home because you don’t have to be dependent on the water bottles available in the supermarket. If you’re not convinced yet, let’s get scientific for a bit: Coronavirus has a diameter of 100-120 nm. The reverse osmosis membranes in a purification system have a pore size of 0.1nm, which is 10000 times smaller than the diameter of the coronavirus, therefore making sure it does not have a chance to enter the body through your tap. 

Filtering the best from nature 

Choosing to go for extra healthy options in times like these are not strange at all. Making sure that you get your fruit and vegetable intake every day, seems to be more important than ever. Anything that you can do to up your health, can only be beneficial. So why not the water that you drink at home? 

Aquablu can easily check the quality of your drinking water. We’ll do it for free this month. Because in times like this, nothing is more important than looking after each other. If you need our free advice, feel free to contact us.  

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