How much water should we drink every day?

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The benefits of drinking sufficient water are endless. But how much water should we drink during a day? And did you know this amount is slightly different for males and females? 

Numerous studies show a wide variety of benefits of drinking sufficient water. Hydration can help your immune system thrive, give you more energy and can even make you more happy. Besides that, drinking sufficient water can help loosing weight, improves the digestive system, prevents dehydration, hydrates the skin and is good for your organs. We all want those perks. So how much water should an average person drink during a day precisely?

Am I drinking enough water?

Alright, so we know drinking good quality water is the basis for good health. But are you getting enough of it? How much water should you drink a day? According to the Harvard medical school, the general rule for healthy people is to drink two or three glasses of water per hour. 

The amount of water that you need to drink per day varies a bit for men and woman, as men need to drink slightly more. This means, that a healthy adult man living in a temperate climate will need about 3,7 liter (or around 12- 14 glasses of our extra healthy vitamin water). And healthy adult woman will need about 2,7 liters (around 10 – 12 glasses) to stay properly hydrated. These recommendations involve fluids from drinks like water, but also hydration from food. About 20% of our fluid intake does come from food.

Please note that the amount one should drink does verify somewhat per person or climate. There are a lot of variables that need to be taken into account. These variables can be individual: when a person is more active it can be that this person needs more water. Your overall health and/or any pregnancy should be taken into account as wel. Last but not least; the climate en environment also have a big influence on the question on how much water you should drink. Finding your golden water dosis a day is a matter of simply trying it out and see what works for you.

Your body does need more water when you are in a hot or humid climate, when you’re physically active or when you are sick like having a cold.

The health benefits of drinking enough water every day

The benefits of drinking sufficient water are endless. We already mentioned a couple in the introduction, but do you know there are even more reasons to drink water? According to the CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention) and the Harvard Health Publishing, there are numerous proven benefits. Sufficient water keeps every system in the body functioned properly. 

We’ll sum some up, the benefits of drinking enough water a day: 

  •  Helps cleaning your body by getting rid of waste

  • Carries nutrients and oxygen to your cells (this helps your cognitive and physical status!)

  • Keeps your temperature and blood pressure normal

  • Lubricates and cushions joints

  • Protects sensitive tissue

  • Aiding digestion

  • Preventing constipation

  • Protects organs and tissues

Tips for drinking more water

Now we know drinking water is basically good for a whole bunch of aspects that influence your health. Preventing dehydration can prevent mood changes, unclear thinking or slower cognitive responses, overheating and prevent the chances on constipation or kidney stones. No small feat. 

Here are some fun ways that can help you drink more water:

  1. Add flavor: Sometimes plain water can get boring, so add a slice of lemon, cucumber, or other fruit to give it a little flavor boost. Looking for tasty flavor water in the office or commercial area? We’ve got you covered. Healthy ánd sustainable: check our healthy vitamin water dispenser.

  2. Set reminders: Use your phone or computer to set reminders throughout the day to drink water. You can also download apps that track your water intake.

  3. Make it a game: Challenge yourself to drink a certain amount of water each day and keep track of your progress. You can also turn it into a friendly competition with friends or family.

  4. Use a fun (but reusable!) water bottle: Get a water bottle with a fun design or color to make drinking water more exciting. Or go for a fancy glass bottle.

  5. Try infused water: Infuse your water with fruit, herbs, or spices to give it a unique flavor. Here, you can find some nice sugar-free drink recipes. 

  6. Make it a habit: Drinking water can become a habit if you do it consistently. Try to drink water at the same times each day, such as when you wake up, before meals, and before bed.

  7. Get a water dispenser: If you have a water dispenser at home, it can be fun to fill up your glass or bottle from it, almost like you’re at a water fountain.

  8. Have a water drinking buddy: Encourage a friend or family member to drink more water with you. You can motivate and remind each other to drink more water throughout the day.

  9. Use a silly straw: Sip on water using a silly or fun straw to make it more playful and enjoyable.

  10. Make it a part of your routine: Incorporate drinking water into your daily routine, such as having a glass of water after brushing your teeth or before watching TV.

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