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The coffee machine is no longer the most popular spot in the office. There is a new kid on the block: the office watertap. Water is the new coffee. And at Aquablu we notice a significant shift going on in companies and retail locations. People are looking for an healthy alternative to coffee. And smart water dispensers provide just that: a healthy alternative to the coffee machine. 

Water is the new coffee

Vitality and health are increasingly important for companies to strive towards to. Not only for the benefit of healthy and vivid employees, but also customers benefit from it – a lot. We notice this first hand, with our water dispensers scattering around Europe like fireflies. Popping up in locations to provide everyone with healthy and filtered water. We’ve really notice the change in the demand in the last years: people are looking for healthy options that help them stay energized, without drinking 12 cups of coffee a day.  

Even companies like MAAS; a big supplier of coffee machines, has an Aquablu water dispenser of their own. They are also one of our partners, as they also experience the demand for an healthy alternative next to drinking coffee themselves. Providing both beverages and giving people the option to choose their type of beverage. 

Single-use plastic is so oldscool

Another big advantage of water dispensers that are connected straight on your tap: no more single-use plastics. Ever. 

We know now that plastic is a big issue. And the possibility that your plastic bottle end up in the ocean is actually quite big. So why not cut out all the single-plastics in the office and start solving the issue by the root? With water dispensers, users fill their own bottles. This cuts out all the single-use plastic bottles, sodacans and even dishes. As is one of the perks that our client Elsto mentions as a nice addition that they didn’t planned. This saves not only costs like transportation, packaging, etc. It also saves our planet. Or at least a little part of the plastic soup problem. 

"The water dispenser from Aquablu is aesthetically beautiful in multiple ways. Not only does it look great and gives a modern look to the office, it also ensures that we don't have any more dishes in the office."
Gerrit Jan Gerritsen
Gerrit Jan Gerritsen
Account Manager

Trends and stats about coffee

So we now know people are slowly trading their coffee for water, but what are the stats? We know the coffee machine is still a compelling machine in the office. But how much?

Research by the International Coffee Organisation (ICO) shows that people in the Netherlands still like coffee a lot. We are listed in the top biggest coffee drinkers in the world. We drink an average of 8,4 KG coffee per person per year. The total coffee consumption in the Netherlands sums up to 18,6 bilion a year.

Top 5 countries with the highest coffee consumption in the world:

Landkg Coffee per capita per year
Finland12,0 kg
Norway9,9 kg
Iceland9,0 kg
Denmark8,7 kg
Netherlands8,4 kg

Source: International Coffee Organisation report 2020. 

An average we drink 4,2 cups of coffee a day (during weekdays). In the weekend we drink a bit less coffee: 3,9 cups a days. Fun fact: mend tend to drink more coffee than females. The average for men is 4,4, and for females this is 3,9. 


Sustainability and circularity are increasingly important when it comes to drinking beverages (or coffee). Consumers like to have honest and fair trade products. This also counts for coffee. Circularity and fair trade are increasingly important. The goal nowadays is to have a 100% sustainable process and use or re-use all the materials that are produced or used in the process. According to their research, this trend will only increase in the near future. You can notice this first hand, when your drinking coffee at a coffee café or getting a coffee at the station. At most places, you get a discount when you bring your own cup. According to Sybilla Jimmink, manager of Back to Black coffee, 30% of the customers already bring their own reusable cup.

34% drinks coffee out of habit, 8% to drink sufficient water

Out of all the coffee drinkers in the Netherlands, 34% stated that they drink coffee out of habit. And 8% even mentioned they drink coffee to drink sufficient water. We should not have to tell you that a better way to drink more water, is to actually drink more water. And imagine that this 42% drinks enhanced, filter water instead of coffee. When drinking water is the new habit instead of walking to the coffee machine, the vitality will go through the roof!

Drink more, waste less

Are you interested in drinking more water and investing in health and vitality? Or do you have a coffee machine and want to offer a nice beverage addition next to drinking coffee? Download the brochure or contact us to get your own water system. 

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