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Drinking enough water is essential for good health. Not only does water keep us alive, but drinking enough water brings a host of benefits that are often overlooked. Good hydration is an important tool to stay healthy, both for body and mind. Yet more than 1 in 3 Dutch people do not drink enough water.

How does hydration work & how much water should I drink?

How does hydration work & how much water should I drink per day?
Everyone knows that drinking water is the most efficient way to hydrate the body, but why do people tend to drink too little during working hours? Men are advised to drink 2.5 liters of water per day, while women are advised to drink 2 liters. 

The amount of water a person should drink varies per person. The perfect amount is dependent on the age, level of physical activity and other variables like being pregnant for instance. 

On average, people spend at least half of the day at the office, which means that they should drink at least 1 liter of water a day when they are in the office.

Thirsty? Then you are dehydrated!

Although we get some water from the food we eat, 80-90% of it should come from drinking. By drinking water instead of other drinks, you avoid unnecessary sugars and calories in your quest to stay hydrated. Drinking water as a regular habit rather than waiting until you are thirsty is the best approach, as being thirsty usually means you are already dehydrated. Signals of minor dehydration are having an headache, a dry throat, tiredness and having dark coloured (strong-smelling) urine.

What are the benefits of drinking water?

Our bodies need water in different ways, but did you know that our minds do too? It has been shown that staying hydrated can help improve productivity and concentration at work, which means that a good source of drinking water at work benefits everyone. This is especially important if your work environment is hot and dry, as dehydration can occur more quickly than usual. In the summer months, it is especially important to drink plenty of water.

14% More productive

When we begin to suffer from any form of dehydration, we can experience headaches, fatigue, lack of concentration, dizziness and sometimes even fainting. However, good hydration has huge benefits, with research showing that people are on average 14% more productive and happier in life.

Encouraging water drinking in the workplace.

Anyone who wants to function well should make sure they stay well hydrated at work. However, not everyone drinks enough water in their system. It is therefore in the interest of the employer that his personnel drink sufficient water. By making water drinking fun and interactive, an employer can ensure that his staff stays sufficiently hydrated.

Normal tapwater versus a water dispenser

Usually a tap is available in every office. However, the tap is always associated with other activities, such as washing hands, plates and cups. Making this both a less healthy and less attractive option. It is an open system with a sink where dirt usually ends up.

By choosing a water tap point, employees have a clear hydration point. Giving excess to purified, filtered and enhanced water. 

The importance of these points for offices is underlined by the inclusion of water points in building certifications such as the “WELL” standard. The WELL Building Standard is a powerful tool for creating a healthy working environment. With the aim of promoting the health and productivity of users.

How do I stimulate drinking water? 

By using smart water dispensers like the Aquablu Refill, drinking water is stimulated. We notice an important trend within offices and retail locations to offer a healthy alternative next to drinking coffee. A lot of our customers tell us that before they had the water tap, employees sometimes drunk 12 cups of coffee a day. Now, they drink a lot more water and have less difficulty in staying hydrated.  

With the Aquablu REFILL+ employees can make their water even more healthy and tasty, as they can choose to combine chilled and sparkling water with multiple flavors and vitamins combinations. This makes it more than water: we call it FUNCTIONAL water: water that fits the need-state and have zero-sugar. 

Users can choose between normal, chilled or sparkling water and gain direct insight into the positive impact they are having on the planet by not using plastic bottles. These FUNCTIONAL waters are healthy, delicious and contribute to good hydration, concentration and a more sustainable planet. 

More information?

Want to stimulate vitality and drinking sufficient water? Then our water dispenser can be a right solution for you.

Contact us or request a non-binding quote. 

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