Cheers to Change: New Dutch Sustainability Regulations for 2024

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A fresh start to the year always means change – let’s talk about what this means for the plastic waste problem. The new regulations on drinks and plastics in the Netherlands are set to be stricter than ever. It’s good news for our planet, but can be tricky to navigate. So, what’s the deal with these latest rules?

No more single-use cups or tableware

As part of the EU-wide initiative to reduce plastic waste in the union, the Netherlands is overseeing a ban on single-use cups right at the beginning of the year on January 1. Non-reusable cups will not be allowed in offices, sports facilities, catering companies, festivals, schools, closed events, associations, and amusement parks. These establishments now have to switch to reusable cups and containers.

Drink container caps stay attached

Starting July 3, 2024, drinks will only be allowed to be sold in bottles with a cap which stays attached to the container. This regulation applies to the Netherlands, as well as the entire EU, with the UK jumping in on the initiative, too. The tethered cap ensures that it doesn’t end up as litter, instead, immediately reaching recycling facilities alongside the bottle. Some brands have already started rolling out new designs of the attached bottle caps in order to be ready for the official start of this change in the industry.

Changes in drink taxes

The first day of the year also brings new regulations on how our drinks are being taxed. The tax on non-alcoholic drinks will increase up to €26.13 per 100 liters – an increase of €17.30! The drinks include juices, lemonades and syrups, and other drinks with a maximum of 1.2% alcohol. This is done with the hope of people switching to healthier alternatives, like water, once the drink prices rise. Speaking of which – the tax on mineral water will be abolished on the same day.

What do these regulations mean for the future?

The Netherlands’ ambitious sustainability regulations for 2024 mark a significant step towards combating plastic waste and promoting a more eco-friendly lifestyle. Simultaneously, changes in drink taxes aim to steer consumers towards healthier beverage choices. These measures serve as a noteworthy step in the right direction, emphasizing our shared responsibility to address pressing environmental challenges.

Choose the REFILL+ to help navigate the sustainability landscape

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