The cleanest drinking water in the world

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Clean drinking water that flows from the tap in unlimited amounts: really quite a luxury, isn’t it? You can use it to make coffee, ice cubes and to brush your teeth. A sip of refreshing water, available whenever you feel like it.

Top 10 countries with the cleanest drinking water in the world

When it comes to clean drinking water, we are very lucky in Europe. The top 10 countries with the cleanest drinking water in the world are all in Europe. These countries often have access to very clean and pure water sources, such as mountain lakes, and have the financial resources and technology to thoroughly treat the water. In the countries listed below, there is therefore really no need to be concerned about pathogens or toxins in the tap water.

These are the countries with the cleanest drinking water in the world:

  1. Austria
  2. Finland
  3. Greece
  4. Iceland
  5. Ireland
  6. Malta
  7. The Netherlands
  8. Norway
  9. Switzerland
  10. United Kingdom

Source: Environment Performance Index 2020

But the cleanest tap water does not mean the tastiest tap water. The water that flows from the tap in Malta and Greece, for example, often has a strong chlorine taste. Especially if you are not used to drinking chlorinated tap water, the taste can be quite unpleasant. But the chlorine may also upset your stomach and intestines, while the locals are used to it and have no problems at all.

The countries with the most contaminated drinking water in the world

Did you know that more than 40 percent of the world’s population does not have access to potable tap water? In fact, 664 million people in the world have no access to clean drinking water at all. Especially in African countries, such as Ghana, Ethiopia, Nigeria and Uganda, the water problem is huge. In countries like these, natural sources of clean water are scarce, there is little money available to invest in water treatment technology and the infrastructure to provide people with clean drinking water is lacking.

The problem with bottled water as the cleanest drinking water

In many countries, it is therefore better to drink bottled water if you do not want to get sick from the tap water. That could lead you to say that bottled water is the cleanest drinking water in the world.

But unfortunately, it is not. Plastic water bottles release microplastics, contaminating the water in the bottles with microplastics. Moreover, the plastic bottle industry is far from sustainable and contributes to the plastic pollution worldwide, including in the water. As a matter of fact, the plastic soup keeps growing and many ecosystems are at risk. Bottled water is therefore not the best solution to provide clean drinking water.

The cleanest drinking water in the world, straight from your own tap

According to Aquablu, bottled water is not the solution to make clean drinking water available to the entire world population. We believe that everyone should simply have access to clean, drinkable tap water. That’s why we have developed water purifiers for under the tap. Using the reverse osmosis technique, our purifiers remove all kinds of impurities from the tap water: microplasticsbacteria and virusesdrug residues and even heavy metals such as lead. Our water purifiers can be used in both individual households and for drinking water stations used by larger groups of people. Our Aquablu One can be installed in your home too!

Moreover, Aquablu is committed to the Drop for a Drop philosophy: we support local water projects in Southeast Africa by installing water purification systems at schools, hospitals and NGOs. By doing so, we help build a world in which the plastic bottle industry is not needed anymore and everyone has access to the cleanest drinking water in the world.

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