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It is time to take stock. Sometimes, we receive questions from our customers or potential clients regarding our product. Questions about product comparison or how sustainable our product really is when you compare it to tap water. Valid questions, and this article enlightens these questions and more. 

Aquablu versus regular tap water

“What is we compare the Aquablu REFILL+ water dispenser versus regular tap water? And what about the sustainability claim then?”  

The Aquablu water tap is connected to the regular tap water. This means that it is not more sustainable if you only drink tap water in your current situation and use water glasses or other non-waste products. 

However, there is some magic happening when you connect a water tap on your regular waternet. For example the filtering. The water dispenser is invented to filter water and always ensure a steady water quality. Water that is filtered without harmful contaminations. More and more of the harmful contaminations like PFAS are now found in the water that we drink from the sink. By adding an Aquablu REFLL+, all these harmful contaminations are filtered, ensuring a safe water quality that is even better than mineral water.

Furthermore, we try to change the way people hydrate. We do this in two ways: firstly, by making drinking water more fun and accessible and offer multiple healthy natural flavors. Each flavor has their own vitamin and mineral combination boosting one’s health. Secondly, we try to stimulate drinking water from the tap that has the quality of mineral water, but not the plastic waste.   


Aquablu versus a soda machine

“Can you compare the water dispensers from Aquablu with a soda machine or vending machine?” 

We can be very clear on this. No you can’t. The water dispenser is the perfect healthy solution for a soda machine. It provides 39 healthy drinks without packaging by combining still, sparkled and cooled water with four healthy flavor options. Each flavor has their own vitamin/mineral combination. It is possible to add a payment module and charge people for the drinks. For example when you place the water dispenser in a commercial area. 

But if you are looking for an old-school vending machine with some sugary soda cans – our product will just not be the right fit for you. 

Aquablu versus a water cooler

“Is the water dispenser from Aquablu like a regular water cooler?” 

The water dispenser from Aquablu is a new and reinvented water cooler. The water dispenser works similar to a water cooler by providing cooled water, directly from your office tap. However, it does a little bit more than that. The filtering system filters the cooled water. Normal water coolers normally do not have this function. Lastly, there is the option to add natural flavors to the cold water. 

Aquablu versus a watertank

“Is the Aquablu like a watertank or water gallon?” 

The water tap is similar to a watertank or water gallon. It provides both cool and still water. Is also has the option to provide sparkling water and add natural flavors. 

The big difference between the Aquablu machine and a regular watertank is that the water dispenser from Aquablu is directly connected to the water tap and there is no actual storage of water. We want to ensure a safe and purified water quality. Furthermore, offering water from a gallon or thank is mostly not very sustainable. The gallons are made of plastic and the water deliveries that have to be made are not very efficient nor sustainable. 

Aquablu versus a water quooker

“Is the Aquablu like a water quooker?”

It is not possible to heat the water with the waterdispensers from Aquablu yet. 

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