Best sports drinks to keep you hydrated after an intense workout

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Had an intense workout? Sports drinks like our FUNCTIONAL or Yanga water can help to rehydrate after an intense workout and make you feel rejuvenated. Due to the unique composition of important vitamins, minerals and electrolytes, the water helps fight dehydration and helps replenishes reserves quickly. But what are the best drinks for an intens workout, why are sport drinks beneficial and what are the best sports drinks and sports drinks dispensers? You read all this in this blog.

Why sports drinks are beneficial

Sports drinks can come in handy when you are exercising often, sweating heavily or when your health or energy level can use a small boost. These type of drinks can help you stay energized, fueled and hydrated. This helps your overall or sport performance and helps keeping fatigue at bay.  

There are many types of sports drinks, including ready-to-drink beverages, powders- and tablets that can be mixed with water. In this article, we will focus on the best sports drinks that are ready-to-drink, some coming from a smart sports water tap. We will not include any powders or tablets in this list. 

What are the top 5 sports drinks?

After doing thorough online research combined with internal research (we asked our sporty staff members to give their top 5 sports drinks), we came up with this list of best sports drinks:

  1. FUNCTIONAL water. 
  2. Yanga Sports Water.  
  3. Gatorade (Thirst Quencher).
  4. Vitamin Water.
  5. Powergrade.
  • FUNCTIONAL water.

The first on the list is FUNCTIONAL water from the Aquablu Refill+ water dispenser for gyms, spa centers and medical centers. The sports water tap (or vitamin water tap) is ideal for providing unlimited enhanced water in a new a sustainable way. No packaging, no plastics only a carefully selected amount of vitamins to meet your needs, whether this means relaxing in a spa or having a workout in the gym. 

The water tap provides enhanced and purified water with different vitamins and minerals. There are four different flavor options; Fresh Lemon, Manga Guave, Red Fruits and Respberry & Pomegranate. Depending on your need-state, you can choose the flavor (and vitamin/mineral combination) that fits your needs. 

The FUNCTIONAL sports drinks contain zero sugar but lots of vitamins. Go for a refreshing burst with vitamin B12, Zink and Vitamin D, or unwind a bit with Mango Guave’s vitamin B5, B6 and B12 combination.

The FUNCTIONAL water is only available in combination with the water tap, and is not sold per bottle. This is because we want to stimulate drinking sports drinks in a way that is sustainable and we want to cut all the plastic waste. Because why recycle – if you can refill? The FUNCTIONAL water offers a sustainable and healthy alternative to (bottled) drinks by offering the opportunity to enjoy sports drinks in a reusable bottle.

  • YANGA Sports water. 

YANGA Sports water is in a way similar to the FUNCTIONAL water. The YANGA sports water also comes in a waterdispenser and hence reduces the single-use plastic soup by motivating a refill. However, YANGA sports offers different flavors like blackberry and multifruiti. But we have to be fair: the sports drinks machine does not look as neat as the Aquablu REFILL+

  • Gatorade (Thirst Quencher).

Gatorade is founded in the early 1965 by a team of researchers. A lot of athletes know the typical blue or orange bottles. While Gatorade can help you stay hydrated, it’s only best to drink when needed. Meaning that you are exercising for at least one hour for five days per week. 

Gatorade has a high amount of sugar, salt, sodium and dyes and no added vitamins (source). Something to keep in mind when consuming the drink or when you have a certain diet. Gatorade is an electrolyte drink, providing sodium and potassium. Furthermore, it is offered in plastic bottles and hence contributing to the single-use plastic problem. 

  • Vitamin Water.

Vitamin water contains more vitamins and less potassium and sodium in comparison with Gatorade. The regular vitaminewater has more sugar compared to Gatorade, but is fortified with a variety of essential vitamins and minerals. In this, it is similar to the sports drinks from the Aquablu REFILL+. Vitamin water is also bottled and sold per plastic bottle however. 

  • Powerade.

Powerade sports drinks contain high sodium levels similar to Gatorade. Powerade can be drank before an intense workout to ensure you begin hydrated and well fuelled. Powerade is similar with Gatorade, but has more micronutrients. Both drinks have similar effects on athletic performance and contain added sugars. If you are participating in high-intensity workouts lasting more than 45 minutes to an hour, sports drinks can help replenish your body’s electrolyte stores better than water. Else, water would always be the healthier option. Powerade is also sold per bottle and not in a sports drinks machine. 

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