At Insider we value the wellbeing of our teams, and always strive to implement more sustainable solutions and habits in our daily routine. It’s safe to say that the moment we received our Aquablu in the office, it was immediately adopted by our entire team – myself included. Every time we have clients and partners over, they are very enthusiastic about the dispenser!” 

Game Changers

Insider is a global market leader in the MarTech space. Through their award winning platform, they allow online brands including Samsung, L’Oreal, Virgin, and Singapore Airlines to create seamless and personalized customer journeys online. With over one thousand employees and offices spread across the globe, this female-led SaaS company is still growing rapidly.

The need for a healthy coffee alternative

For Insider, vitality and health are important pillars. They noticed a certain trend was occurring: colleagues increasingly switched from coffee to drinking water. And they were in the need for a healthy alternative. 

Because Insider has a lot of clients visiting their office in Amsterdam, they looked for solutions that were both aesthetically nice and offered their clients the best water possible.

The solution

Now, drinking water is like an experience. It is a bit similar to the coffee machine, you see people gathering around it and talking, but now it is a healthy machine and it boost their vitamins and minerals. “By providing visitors and employees with healthy water, we also show that we consider health to be of paramount importance. And to be fair, the fact that we do not have plastic bottles or soda cans anymore is not only good for the climate, it is also good for our benefit.

"Water cooler conversations are taken to a whole new level."
Bas Drogtrop insider
Bas Drogtrop
Country Manager & partner

About Insider

Insider is the number one leader in individualized, cross-channel customer experiences by connecting data across channels and predict behavior with AI. They are trusted by more than 1000+ enterprise brands worldwide and have 25 offices across 5 continents. 

Insider Growth Management Platform (GMP) helps digital marketers drive growth across the funnel, from acquisition to activation, retention, and revenue. Leveraging real-time predictive segmentation powered by deep Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning capabilities. Their growth management platform empowers marketers to deepen brand love with individualized customer experiences. 

“Apart from being a very “cool” water dispenser to look at, the different flavors are great. My personal favorite is carbonated water with the Immunity flavor. However, in the afternoon I tend to go for the Focus flavor. It gives me a boost to finish my day with energy.”
Jan van der Harst
Digital Growth Consultant

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