“I’m very happy to have the Aquablu at our office. The dispenser looks great and makes drinking high quality water that much more healthy and enjoyable. Truly a refreshing perk for the days you’re working in office.”

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The need for a suitable water solution

Before 5CA had the water dispenser from Aquablu, they had a water tank and soda vending machine in their work space to keep people hydrated. This led to energy-draining (and environmental-draining) side affects such as having bags of litter with soda cans and plastic bottles and a dependency on water deliveries. Furthermore, having a soda full of sugar did little to improve the health of the workers.

The solution

With the water tap from Aquablu, 5CA has a solution for all their problems. With the water dispenser that is connected to tap water, they have an unlimited supply of fresh water. Directly from the water pipe. They can skip their weekly walk to take away bags full of litter and people are drinking healthier in the office. 

The old school water tank is removed and the soda vending machine is placed in a dark corner of the office. The result is that employees now drink the vitamin water instead of the sugary drinks. They even mentioned coming to the office more often because of the water dispenser.   

“A refreshing perk for the days you're working in office"
5CA water dispenser aquablu
Rianne Landman
Office Manager

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